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Monographia Aquifoliacearum - Loizeau Pierre-André & Gabrielle Barriera


Aquifoliaceae of Neotropics

Loizeau P.-A. & G. Barriera

Ilex nummularia Reissek

Habit, vegetative morphology.— Current year's branchlets pubescent. Branchlets older than one year smooth or furrowed, greyish or brownish, pubescent, dense short trichomes (poils courts). Lenticels on current year's branchlets absent or hardly visible. Internodes 0.1–1.1 cm. Stipules caducous, linear-triangular, 0.2–0.4 mm. Petiole pubescent, rough or grooved surface, 1–1.5 mm. Lamina elliptic, orbiculate (1:1), 1.3–2.4 X, 0.9–2 cm, coriaceous, pubescent adaxially, glabrous abaxially. Base truncate or cordate. Apex rounded, mucronate. Apex rounded. Margin revolute, dentate, teeth inconspicuous. Teeth 1–2 ca., on the distal half of the margin (et souvent que d'un seul côté). Midbrid adaxially flat, pubescent. Midbrid abaxially raised, pubescent. Secondary veins abaxially evident, 5–6 pairs. Tertiary veins abaxially obscure. Ponctuation abaxiallly absent.

Inflorescences.— Thyrse.

Male flowers.— Thyrses axes solitary and axillary. Thyrses axes 0.2–0.4 cm. Cymes of order 1–2. Peduncles pubescent. Peduncles of order 1 2–4 mm. Pherophylls of order 1 at 3–6 tenth from the base. Peduncles of order 2 1–1.5 mm. Pherophylls of order 2 at 0–1 tenth from the base. Bracts deltoids or linear-triangular, pubescent, 0.5–1 mm, margin ciliate or dentate. Pherophylls of order 1 opposite (souvent manquantes sur l'ordre 1, seules les préfeuilles de l'ordre 2 se développent). Male flowers 4 -merous. Calyx pubescent, 0.8–1 mm in diam., margin ciliate or dentate. Corolla 1–1.5 mm, petals connate on, petals 20–40 % of their length. Apex margin entire. Stamens at the anthesis shorter than corolla. Rudimentary ovary subglobulous or flattened, glabrous.

Distribution, ecology.— South America, Brazil.

Illustrations.— • Planche Riedel s.n. W m (T). • Rameau, feuilles Riedel s.n. W m (T). • Inflorescence Riedel s.n. W m (T). • Planche Duarte 8634[a] & [b] K m & f. • Inflorescence Duarte 8634[a] K m. • Inflorescence Duarte 8634[b] K f. • Infrutescence Duarte 8634[b] K f. • Planche Hatschbach 41619 BR f. • Rameau Hatschbach 41619 BR f. • Planche Riedel s.n. P m (IT). • Rameau Riedel s.n. P m (IT). • Limbe, face sup. & inf. Riedel s.n. P m (IT). • Inflorescence Riedel s.n. P m (IT).

Cite this publication as: ‘Loizeau, P.-A. & G. Barriera (2007). Aquifoliaceae néotropicales: Descriptions, Illustrations, Identification, et Recherche d'Information. Version: 1st march 2007.
Loizeau (1994) et Loizeau & Spichiger (1992) should also be cited (see Bibliography).