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Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève

WelcomeHerbarium → StaffM. Price

Michelle Price


Répondante scientifique / Conservatrice

Head of Science / Curator of bryophytes, ferns and gymnosperms

Chair of Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF)


Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques
Ch. de l'Impératrice 1
CP 71 CH-1292 Chambésy, Genève
Tél. (+41) 22 418 51 48
Fax (+41) 22 418 51 01

Curriculum vitae (FR)
Curriculum vitae (EN)

Research topics and scientific interests
Systematic studies of the pantropical moss genus Holomitrium
Systematics and taxonomy of the Dicranaceae
Peristomes in the Dicranaceae
Mosses of South America

Research projects
Catalogue of the Hedwig-Schwagrichen collection (mosses)
Index Hepaticarum
Typification and nomenclature (mosses)
Inventory of bryophytes in Geneva
Taxonomic revision of the moss genus Holomitrium Brid.
Gametophyte and sporophyte morphology-anatomy in the Dicranaceae

Selected publications

Caparrós, R. Garilleti, R, Price M. J., Mazimpaka V, & F. Lara. 2016. Tackling a long-standing problem: Typification of Orthotrichum crispum Ulota crispula, and Ulota intermedia (Bryopsida: Orthotrichaceae). TAXON 65 (4): 862–866.Maier, E. & MJ. Price. 2014. Georg Bojung “Scato” Lantzius-Beninga and his contributions on the anatomy of moss capsules: a transliteration from the original German texts. Boissiera 67: 1-78.

Barkworth, M.E., M. F. Watson, F. R. Barrie, I. V. Bleyaeva, R. C. K. Chung, J. Dašková, G. Davidse, A. A. Dönmez, A. B. Doweld, S. Dressler, C. Flann, K.N. Gandhi, D. V. Geltman, H. F. Glen, W. R. Greuter, M. J. Head, R. Jahn, M. K. Janarthanam, L. Katinas, P. M. Kirk, N. Klazenga, W. Kusber, J. Kvacek, V. Malécot, D. G. Mann, K. Marhold, H. Nagamasu, N. Nicolson, A. Paton, D. J. Patterson, M. J. Price, W. F. Prud'homme van Reine, C. W. Schneider, A. N. Sennikov, G. F. Smith, P. F. Stevens, Z. L. Yang, X.-C. Zhang & G. C. Zuccarello. 2016. Report of the Special Committee on registration of algal and plant names (including fossils). Taxon. 65(3): 670–672.

Ellis, L. T. & M. J. Price. 2015. Review of the type specimens of species described by J. Hedwig in Phascum Hedw. (Pottiaceae). J. Bryol. 37(1): 23-41.

Price, M. J. & L.T. Ellis. 2015. Lectotypification of Buxbaumia aphylla Hedw. and B. aphylla var. viridis DC. (Buxbaumiaceae). J. Bryol. 37(3): 209–214.

Price, MJ. 2014. The Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF): Exploring and documenting diversity in nature. Taxon 63(5): 1161-1163.

Price, MJ. 2014. Hedwig-Schwägrichen types catalogue update (1): new typifications and typification corrections. Candollea 69(2): 119-133.

Price, MJ. & E. Maier. 2013. A lectotype for Dicranum howellii (Dicranaceae). Bryologist 116(3): 281-286.

Ellis, LT & MJ. Price. 2013. A lectotype for Tortella tortuosa (Hedw.) Limpr. (Pottiaceae). J. Bryol. 35(3): 216-219.

Ellis, LT. & MJ. Price. 2013. Review of the type specimens for Hedwig’s species of Dicranella (Dicranaceae). J. Bryol. 35(4): 275-289.

Wilbraham, J. & M. J. Price. 2013. A lectotype for Macromitrium cirrosum (Hedw.) Brid. (Orthotrichaceae). J. Bryol. 35(2) 119-122.

Ellis, L. T & M. J. Price. 2012. Typification of Schistostega pennata (Hedw.) F. Weber & D. Mohr (Schistostegaceae). J. Bryol. 34: 17-21.

Price, M. J. 2012. A catalogue of the Benjamin Balansa moss collections from Paraguay in G. Candollea 67(1): 153-179.

Price, M. J. 2012. New typifications and a new synonym in Holomitrium (Dicranaceae) from Paraguay. Bryologist 115: 236-242. DOI: 10.1639/0007-2745-115.2.236

Price, M. J. 2012. Correction of the typification of Dicranum longifolium Hedw. (≡ Paraleucobryum longifolium (Hedw.) Loeske), Dicranaceae. J. Bryol 34: 300-302.

Price, M. J. & E. Maier. 2011. Lectotypification of the moss name Grimmia cribrosa Hedw.[º Coscinodon cribrosus (Hedw.) Spruce] (Grimmiaceae). Bryologist 114(4): 790-795.

Price, M. J. & L.T. Ellis. 2011. A lectotype for Breutelia chrysocoma (Hedw.) Lindb., (Bryophyta; Bartramiaceae). J. Bryol. 33 (4): 308-315.

Price, M.J. 2010. Lectotypification of the name Tetraphis pellucida Hedw. (Bryophyta). Candollea 65: 15-19.

O’Shea B.J. & M. J. Price 2008. An updated checklist of the mosses of Paraguay. Tropical Bryology 29: 6-40.

Maier, E. & M. J. Price 2005. Invited review. In the footsteps of Lantzius-Beninga: investigating the peristome characters of mosses. Bryologist 108: 36-46.

Others :

Spichiger, R.E., Figeat, M., Jeanmonod, D. Clerc, P. Gautier, L. Loizeau, P.-A., Naciri, Y. Perret, M. & M. Price. 2016. Botanique systématique des plantes à fleur, avec une introduction aux grands groupes de champignons. 4eme Edition. La Fondation des Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes (PPUR).

Price, M., Bourgoin, T., Casino, A., Pape, T. & E. Smets. 2015. Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF). Strategy and Strategic Development Plan 2015-2025. CETAF Strategy Group, CETAF AISBL. Pp. 1-35. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4226.3442.

Price, MJ. 2005. Catalogue of the Hedwig-Schwägrichen herbarium (G): I. List of type material and a review of typifications for the Hedwig moss names. Boissiera 61: 1-388. Version online