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Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève

WelcomeHerbarium → StaffC. Truong

Camille Truong


Adjointe scientifique


Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques
Ch. de l'Impératrice 1
CP 71 CH-1292 Chambésy, Genève
Tél.(+41) 22 418 52 13
Fax (+41) 22 418 51 01


Research topics and scientific interests
My research focuses on the taxonomy and systematic of lichens. I am using the combination of traditional taxonomical methods (morphology, microscopy, thin layer chromatography) with molecular phylogenetics, to understand the morphological and genetic variability of species. I am applying these methods to revise two complex genera of lichens: Usnea (Parmeliaceae), with emphasis on neotropical species, and species of the Peltigera canina complex (Peltigeraceae).

I am also involved in the study and monitoring of Swiss biodiversity: the checklist of Swiss lichens (in french), the development of a lichen flora of Switzerland, and several inventories, especially in the Jura region.

Selected publications

Truong C., J.-M. Rodriguez & P. Clerc. Pendulous Usnea species (Parmeliaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in tropical South America and the Galapagos. The Lichenologist, in press.

Truong C. & P. Clerc. Eumitrioid Usnea species (Parmeliaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in tropical South America and the Galapagos. The Lichenologist, in press.

Truong C. Les lichens de la ville de Neuchâtel – Inventaire et étude de bio-indication. Mémoires de la Société neuchâteloise des Sciences naturelles, in press.

Truong C. & P. Clerc (2012) The lichen genus Usnea (Parmeliaceae) in the tropical Andes: species with a pigmented C+ yellow medulla. The Lichenologist 44: 1–13.

Clerc, P. & Truong C.(2012) Catalogue des lichens de Suisse. Version 2.0.

Truong C., F. Bungartz & P. Clerc (2011) The lichen genus Usnea (Parmeliaceae) in the tropical Andes and the Galapagos: species with a red-orange cortical or subcortical pigmentation. The Bryologist 114: 477-503.

Rodriguez, J.-M., C. Estrabou, C. Truong, & P. Clerc (2011) The saxicolous species of the genus Usnea subgenus Usnea (Parmeliaceae) in Argentina. The Bryologist 114: 504-525. Lumbsch, H.T. et al. (2011) One hundred new species of lichenized fungi: a signature of undiscovered global diversity. Phytotaxa 18: 1–127.

Rodriguez Saavedra, P., A. Flakus, M. Kukwa, R. Lücking, R.I. Meneses, E. Rivas Plata, D. Stanton, Truong C. & R. Vargas (2010) Preliminary catalogue of lichens and lichenicolous fungi of Bolivia.

Truong C., Y. Naciri & P. Clerc (2009) Multivariate analyses of anatomical characters confirm the differentiation of two morphological close species, Melanohalea olivacea (L.) O. Blanco et al. and M. septentrionalis (Lynge) O. Blanco et al. The Lichenologist 41: 649-661.

Mermilliod J.-C., C. Truong & M. Vust (2009) Fulgensia australis (Arnold) Poelt, une nouvelle espèce de lichen pour la Suisse. Meylania 43: 24-27. Vust M., C. Truong & J.-C. Mermilliod (2009) Lichens du Vallon de Nant. Biodiversité du Vallon de Nant. Mémoires de la Société vaudoise des Sciences Naturelles 23: 51-74.

Clerc, P. & C. Truong (2008) The non-sorediate and non-isidiate Parmelina species (lichenized ascomycetes, Parmeliaceae) in Switzerland - Parmelina atricha (Nyl.) P. Clerc reinstated in the European lichen flora. Sauteria 15: 175-194.

Clerc, P. & C. Truong (2008) Un projet de Flore numérique des lichens de Suisse (FNLS). Meylania 40: 21-28.

Truong C., A.E. Palmé & F. Felber (2007) Invasion of the mountain birch Betula pubescens subsp. tortuosa above the treeline due to climate change: Genetic and ecological study in Northern Sweden. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 20: 369-80.

Kéry M., J.H. Spillmann, C. Truong & R. Holderegger (2006) How biased are estimates of extinction probability in revisitation studies? Journal of Ecology 94: 980-986.

Truong C., A.E. Palmé, F. Felber & Y. Naciri-Graven (2005) Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers in the tetraploid birch Betula pubescens subsp. tortuosa. Molecular Ecology Notes 5: 96-98.

Truong C. & P. Clerc (2003). The Parmelia borreri group (lichenized Ascomycetes) in Switzerland. Botanica Helvetica 113: 49-61.