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Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève

WelcomeContactsM. Callmander

Martin W. Callmander

Callmander W. Martin

Curator, Ph. D

Head of Library and Editions


Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques
Ch. de l'Impératrice 1
CP 71 CH-1292 Chambésy, Genève
Tél. (+41) 22 418 52 29
Fax (+41) 22 418 51 01


General Research Interests
Inventory and systematics of the Malagasy flora (special taxonomic interests: Bignoniaceae, Pandanaceae and Sapindaceae)
Biogeography of the western Indian Ocean (especially Madagascar) and the southern Pacific Ocean using ecological, molecular and systematic tools
Using botanical data to evaluate endemism and better conserve the remaining forests in this biodiversity hotspot

Research Emphases
Systematic, phylogeny and biogeography of Pandanaceae and Sapindaceae
Understanding the biogeography of Northern Madagascar
Revisions of selected genera in Madagascar and New Caledonia
Red Listing and Plant Conservation in Madagascar and New Caledonia

Selective list of publications

Callmander, M.W., O.D. Durbin, H.W. Lack, P. Bungener, P. Martin & L. Gautier (2017). Etienne-Pierre Ventenat (1757-1808) and the gardens of Cels and Empress Joséphine. Candollea 72 : 87-132. DOI :

Gallaher, T., M.W. Callmander, S. Buerki, S. Setsuko & S.C. Keeley (2016). Navigating the ‘broad freeway’: ocean currents and inland isolation drive diversification in the Pandanus tectorius complex (Pandanaceae). DOI: 10.1111/jbi.12933

Phillipson, P.B. & M.W. Callmander (2016). Two varieties of Clerodendrum L. (Lamiaceae) from Madagascar raised to specific rank. Candollea 71: 373 - 377.

Callmander, M.W., A.P. Keim, C.D. Heatubun, P. Homot & S. Buerki (2016). Lifting the curtain on our knowledge of New Guinean Benstonea (Pandanaceae). Phytotaxa 275: 168–174.

Callmander, M.W. & S. Buerki (2016). Two new species of Benstonea Callm. & Buerki (Pandanaceae) from Sabah (Borneo, Malaysia). Candollea 71: 257–263.

Buerki, S., T. Gallaher, T. Booth, T., G. Brewer, F. Forest, J.T. Perreira & M.W. Callmander (2016). Biogeography and evolution of the screw-pine genus Benstonea Callm. & Buerki (Pandanaceae). Candollea 71: 217–229.

Snow, N., J. Munzinger & M.W. Callmander (2016). Novitates neocaledonicae V: Eugenia plurinervia N. Snow, Munzinger & Callm. (Myrtaceae), a new threatened species with distinct leaves. Candollea 71: 211-215.

Snow, N. & M.W. Callmander (2016). Studies in Malagasy Eugenia L. (Myrtaceae) — V: Eugenia quadriphylla Snow & Callm., an unusual and rare new species from the northeast. Candollea 71: 189–193.

Munzinger, J., P.P. Lowry II, S. Buerki & M.W. Callmander (2016). A taxonomic revision of the endemic New Caledonian genus Storthocalyx (Sapindaceae). Systematic Botany 41: 387-400.

Snow, N., S.L. Young & M.W. Callmander (2016). Syzygium dawsoniana (Myrtaceae): A new species from New Caledonia with bullate leaves. Systematic Botany 41: 197-201.

Callmander, M.W., P.B. Phillipson, G.M. Plunkett, M.B. Edwards & S. Buerki (2016). Generic delimitations, biogeography and evolution in the tribe Coleeae (Bignoniaceae), endemic to Madagascar and the smaller islands of the western Indian Ocean. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 96: 178–186.

Callmander, M.W., A.P. Keim, S. Buerki & P.B. Phillipson (2015). The genus Pandanus Parkinson (Pandanaceae) on Halmahera Island (Moluccas, Indonesia) with descriptions of three new species and a key to the species on the island. Candollea 70: 179-195.

Callmander, M.W., J. Munzinger, S. Buerki & P.P. Lowry II (2015). Novitates neocaledonicae II: Acropogon moratianus (Malvaceae, Sterculieae): a rare and Endangered new species from New Caledonia. Adansonia ser. 3: 131-137.

Buerki, S., M.W. Callmander, S. Bachman, J. Moat, J.-N. Labat & F. Forest (2015). Incorporating evolutionary history into conservation planning in biodiversity hotspots. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 370: 1662.

Snow, N., M.W. Callmander & P.B. Phillipson (2015). Studies of Malagasy Eugenia – IV: Eighteen new endemic species, with comments on distribution, ecological and evolutionary patterns. Phytokeys 49: 59-121.

Gallaher, T., M.W. Callmander, S. Buerki & S. Keeley (2015). A long distance dispersal hypothesis for the Pandanaceae and the origins of the Pandanus tectorius complex. Molecular Phylogenetic and Evolution 83: 20-32.

Beentje H.J. & M.W. Callmander (2014). Pandanaceae. In: J.P. Lebrun & A.L. Stork (ed.), Tropical African Flowering Plants - Ecology and Distribution 8: 316-323. Conservatoire et Jardins botaniques de la Ville de Genève.

Kamel, M, U.M Ghazaly & M.W. Callmander (2014). Conservation status of the Endangered Nubian dragon tree Dracaena ombet in Gebel Elba National Park, Egypt. Oryx (Published online: 01 July 2014).

Callmander, M.W., I. Luino, S. Da-Giau, C. Rakotovao & L. Gautier (2014). A synoptic revision of the genus Socratina Balle (Loranthaceae) in Madagascar. Candollea 69(1): 65-73.

Callmander, M.W., S. Buerki, & A.P. Keim & P.B. Phillipson (2014). Notes on Benstonea (Pandanaceae) from the islands of Halmahera, New Guinea and Sulawesi. Phytotaxa 175(3): 161-165.

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