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What plant is this?
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Christmas plants brought to light at the CJBG
Christmas plants brought to light at the CJBG.
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Gold medal for the CJBG's beekeeper
Gold medal for Christian Jenny, CJBG's beekeeper, at the Swiss apiary competition.
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Namoroka Maze Madagascar Documentary
Follow our scientists on a field trip to Madagascar ! Watch the documentary broadcasted on Arte.
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Winter prelude
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Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genve

WelcomeContactsM. Perret

Mathieu Perret


Conservateur, Dr ès Sc.

Responsable du Laboratoire de phylogénie et génétique moléculaire

Chargé de cours à l’Université


Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques
Ch. de l'Impératrice 1
CP 71 CH-1292 Chambésy, Genève
Tél. (+41) 22 418 51 95
Fax (+41) 22 418 51 01


Domaines de recherches et intérêts scientifiques
Évolution des plantes à fleurs avec un intérêt particulier pour la systématique moléculaire, la biogéographie historique, la spéciation, la diversification florale et les relations plantes-pollinisateurs.
Dans mes études, je m’efforce d’intégrer des approches phylogénétiques dans les domaines de la biologie comparative et de la biogéographie pour comprendre les mécanismes évolutifs à l’origine de la diversité des plantes. Mes sujets de recherches concernent principalement les plantes d’Amérique tropicale dans les familles Gesneriaceae et Arecaceae (palmiers).

Research area and scientific interests
Flowering plant evolution with emphasis on molecular systematics, historical biogeography, speciation, flower diversification and plant-pollinator interactions.
I am particularly interested in using phylogenetic-based approaches in the fields of comparative biology and biogeography to understand the evolution of plant diversity and the ecological/geographical factors associated to it. Most of my research is focused on the plant families Gesneriaceae and Arecaceae (palms) in Tropical America.

Projets de recherches

Current projects

Projets dans les collections
Saisie et digitalisation de l’herbier De Candolle (G-DC)

Projects in the collections
Databasing and digitalising the de Candolle's herbarium (G-DC)

Liste sélective de publications

Chautems A. and M. Perret. 2017.
Description and phylogenetic position of a new species of Nematanthus (Gesneriaceae) from Bahia, Brazil. Candollea 72 (2), In press

Perret M., A. Chautems, G. E. Ferreira, L. Clavijo and A. Zuluaga. 2017.
Gesneriaceae of the Rio Anchicayá basin Parque Nacional Natural Los Farallones de Cali (Valle del Cauca–Colombia) Field guide 922. Field Museum, Chicago, USA.

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Ferreira G. F., A. Chautems, M. J. G. Hopkins, and M. Perret. 2016.
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Decoupled evolution of floral traits and climatic preferences in a clade of Neotropical Gesneriaceae. BMC Evolutionary Biology 15: 247

Chautems A., M. Perret. 2013.
Redefinition of the Neotropical genera Codonanthe (Mart.) Hanst. and Codonanthopsis Mansf. (Gesneriaceae). Selbyana 31(2): 143-156.

Cano, A. M. Perret, and F. Stauffer. 2013.
A revision of the genus Trithrinax (Cryosophileae, Coryphoideae, Arecaceae). Phytotaxa 136 (1): 1-53

Cailliau A., D. Long, M. J. Price, and M. Perret. 2013.
Phylogeny and systematic position of Mesoptychia (Lindb.) A. Evans. Plant Systematics and Evolution 299: 1243-1251.

Perret, M., A. Chautems., A.O. Araujo, and N. Salamin. 2013. Temporal and spatial origin of Gesneriaceae in the New World inferred from plastid DNA sequences. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 171, 61-79.

Araujo, A.O., V.C. Souza and M. Perret. 2010. Chautemsia calcicola: a new genus and species of Gloxinieae (Gesneriaceae) from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Taxon 59 : 203-208.

Perret, M., A. Chautems, R. Spichiger, T. G. Barraclough, and V. Savolainen. 2007. The geographical pattern of speciation and floral diversification in the Neotropics : the tribe Sinningieae (Gesneriaceae) as a case study. Evolution 61 :1641-1660.

Perret, M., A. Chautems, and R. Spichiger. 2006. Dispersal-vicariance analyses in the tribe Sinningieae (Gesneriaceae): a clue to understanding biogeographical history of the Brazilian Atlantic forest. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 93 (2): 340-358.

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Perret, M., A. Chautems, R. Spichiger, M. Peixoto, and V. Savolainen. 2001. Nectar sugar composition in relation to pollination syndromes in Sinningieae (Gesneriaceae). Annals of Botany 87: 267-273.