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Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève

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Systématique des Arecaceae

This program focuses in the study of the palm family (Arecaceae) incorporating disciplines ranging from taxonomy, morphology and anatomy to floristics and conservation. Different aspects on the biology of the palm family are explored with the aim of better understanding its evolution and taxonomic relationships at higher taxonomic ranks (tribes, subtribes). Nevertheless, the study of genera especially interesting from a phylogenetic perspective (i.e. isolated or unresolved position, evidence of early branching events, etc) is not excluded. Floristic treatments are related to permanent field activities and conservation status assessment of critical taxa is considered as a side product of first-hand observations of wild populations. The program is axed in the research carried out by FS in the Laboratory of Micro-morphology of the CJB (fully settled on 2006) as well as on the more classical study of collections deposited in international herbaria. The herbarium and the library of the Conservatory and Botanic Gardens of Geneva play a key role for taxonomical purposes. All the projects associated to the palm program have strong links with the master program of the Faculty of Science of the UniGe, from which several students are recruited every year. Full advantage is also obtained from the Swiss Federal Grant for foreign students. Most master projects are supported and collaborate with the Laboratory of Histology of the Faculty of Science (Dr. Michèle Crèvecoeur) and the Unity of Scanning Electronic Microscopy of the Natural History Museum of Geneva (Dr. André-Piuz). Ph.D. projects are co-advised in Latin American Universities, notably in two Venezuelan universities. Permanent collaboration with European students is favored through the annual meetings of the European Network of Palm Scientists (EUNOPS), from which FS is one of the founders and current active member. Active exchange of information is also maintained in Europe with the Laboratory of Palm Taxonomy of Kew Gardens (Dr. William Baker), Department of Biological Sciences of the University of Aarhus (Dr. Anders Barfod) and in USA with the Fairchild Tropical Garden (Dr. Carl Lewis) and the Montgomery Botanical Center (Dr. Larry Noblick). The backbone of the palm program is based on the almost 20 years of experience of FS studying this plant group, first restricted to floristics aspects of neotropical taxa and then extending to taxonomy and morphology from palms of other regions of the world. The wide range of subjects and disciplines covered by the program is highly characteristic of specialists dealing with the palm family. This plant group is extremely suitable for multidisciplinary approaches, which in turn favours collaborative work at an international scope. The program’s philosophy is ruled by 1.- production of high profile research, permanently validated by an international scientific community, and 2.- formation of human resources at university level, promoting long-lasting palm research in Switzerland and abroad.

Evolution de la dioécie des palmiers tropicaux

Flore des palmiers du Vénézuela

Etude floristique, phytogéographique et ethnobotanique des palmiers (Arecaceae) du Ghana

Révision monographique et position phylogénétique du genre Trithrinax dans la tribunéotropicale des Cryosophyleae (Arecaceae: Coryphoideae)