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Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève


Candollea 65(2)
(print edition issued on 9 december 2010)


BACH, H. G. & R. H. FORTUNATO - Crotalaria chaco-serranensis H. Bach & Fortunato nom. nov. (Leguminosae) from the Argentinean Chaco
Crotalaria chaco-serranensis H. Bach & Fortunato nom. nov. (Leguminosae) del Chaco argentino
Pages 291 - 300 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.39 Mb)

CALLMANDER, M. W., S. BUERKI & P. B. PHILLIPSON - The genus Brackenridgea A. Gray (Ochnaceae) in Madagascar
Pages 374 - 375 | Full text article (pdf 94 Kb)

CALLMANDER, M. W., J.-N. LABAT & B. D. SCHRIRE - Dealing with Indigofera nivea (Leguminosae) - a new name for Madagascar and a new combination for Africa
Pages 363 - 364 | Full text article (pdf 94 Kb)

CALLMANDER, M. W., P. B. PHILLIPSON & L. GAUTIER (ed.) - Notes on the flora of Madagascar, 1-5
Pages 359 - 375 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 2.74 Mb)

CALLMANDER, M. W., P. B. PHILLIPSON, R. E. GEREAU, G. AYMONIN & A. SULTAN - The genus Korthalsella (Santalaceae) in Madagascar
Pages 368 - 371 | Full text article (pdf 1.09 Mb)

CHAUTEMS, A., T. C. COSTA LOPES, M. PEIXOTO & J. ROSSINI - Taxonomic revision of Sinningia Nees (Gesneriaceae) IV : six new species from Brazil and a long overlooked taxon
Pages 241 - 266 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 2.98 Mb)

DARWIN, S. P. - A taxonomic revision of Timonius subgen. Pseudobobea (Valeton) S. P. Darwin (Rubiaceae)
Pages 217 - 240 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 4.27 Mb)

DE GENNARO, D., R. POZNER & O. MORRONE - Foliar anatomy of Sacciolepsis Nash (Poaceae)
Anatomía foliar de Sacciolepis Nash (Poaceae)
Pages 197 - 210 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.97 Mb)

FENU, G., E. MATTANA, A. CONGIU & G. BACCHETTA - The endemic vascular flora of Supramontes (Sardinia), a priority plant conservation area
Pages 347 - 358 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 3.80 Mb)

FONTELLA PEREIRA, J., S. A. CÁCERES MORAL & M. BRITTO de GOES - Synopsis and typifications of the species of the genus Oxypetalum R. Br. (Asclepiadaceae) in Paraguay
Sinopsis y tipificaciones de las especies del género Oxypetalum R. Br. (Asclepiadaceae) en Paraguay
Pages 394 - 402 | Full text article (pdf 155 Kb)

GAUTIER, L. & M. W. CALLMANDER - Forsyth-Major 348: four collections, two names, all referring to Mimulopsis madagascariensis (Acanthaceae)
Pages 372 - 373 | Full text article (pdf 92 Kb)

GAUTIER, L., L. NUSBAUMER, I. LARRIDON & M. W. CALLMANDER - Distribution of Cyperus chamaecephalus Cherm., a forest undergrowth species with inconspicuous inflorescences
Pages 365 - 367 | Full text article (pdf 1.62 Mb)

GRONER, U. - Calicioid lichens and fungi in the Muota Valley, central Switzerland: high species diversity in a small area
Pages 377 - 391 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.37 Mb)

JEANMONOD, D. & A. SCHLÜSSEL (ed.) - Notes and contributions on Corsican flora, XXIII Notes et contributions à la flore de Corse, XXIII
Pages 267 - 290 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 663 Kb)

KOLLMANN, L. J. C. & A. PAVIOTTI FONTANA - Begonia goldingiana L. Kollmann & A. P. Fontana (Begoniaceae), a new species from the Atlantic Forest of Southern Bahia, Brazil
Pages 185 - 188 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 412 Kb)

MAITY, D. - Tibetoseris depressa subsp. gauri D. Maity (Asteraceae), a new subspecies from eastern Himalaya
Pages 211 - 216 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 443 Kb)

PEICHOTO, M. C. - Taxonomical revision of the species of the genus Schizachyrium Nees (Poaceae: Andropogoneae) of South America
Revisión taxonómica de las especies del género Schizachyrium (Poaceae: Andropogoneae) de Sudamérica
Pages 301 - 345 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 5.08 Mb)

RAMELLA, L. & P. PERRET (ed.) - Notula ad Floram paraquaiensem, 106
Pages 393 - 402 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 155 Kb)

REYES-BETANCORT, J. A. & A. SANTOS GUERRA - Gymnosporia cryptopetala Reyes-Bet. & A. Santos (Celastraceae), a new species from the Canary Islands
Pages 189 - 195 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 742 Kb)