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What plant is this?
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Christmas plants brought to light at the CJBG
Christmas plants brought to light at the CJBG.
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Gold medal for the CJBG's beekeeper
Gold medal for Christian Jenny, CJBG's beekeeper, at the Swiss apiary competition.
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Namoroka Maze Madagascar Documentary
Follow our scientists on a field trip to Madagascar ! Watch the documentary broadcasted on Arte.
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Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève


Candollea 66(1)
(print edition issued on 12 july 2011)


AESCHIMANN, D., N. RASOLOFO & J.-P. THEURILLAT - Analysis of the flora of the Alps. 1: historical account and biodiversity
Analyse de la flore des Alpes. 1: historique et biodiversité
Pages 27 - 55 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 69 Kb)

BERRY, P. E. & P. B. PHILLIPSON - An earlier name for Capuronia madagascariensis Lourteig (Lythraceae)
Pages 119 - 121 | Full text article (pdf 238 Kb)

BERRY, P. E. & B. VAN EE - Recognition of Croton multicostatus Müll. Arg. (Euphorbiaceae) as native to Madagascar
Pages 109 - 112 | Full text article (pdf 927 Kb)

BERRY, P. E., B. VAN EE & E. A. HABER - Resolving the tangled identity of Croton chrysodaphne Baill. (Euphorbiaceae) in Madagascar
Pages 113 - 118 | Full text article (pdf 1.66 Mb)

BOGDANOVIĆ, S., C. BRULLO, S. BRULLO, G.-P. GIUSSO DEL GALDO, C. M. MUSARELLA & C. SALMERI - Allium achaium Boiss. (Alliaceae), a critical species of Greek flora
Pages 57 - 64 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 4.45 Mb)

CALLMANDER, M. W., S. BUERKI & P. B. PHILLIPSON - Nomenclatural changes in the Malagasy endemic genus Tina Schult. (Sapindaceae)
Pages 124 - 126 | Full text article (pdf 98 Kb)

CALLMANDER, M. W., P. B. PHILLIPSON & L. GAUTIER (ed.) - Notes on the flora of Madagascar, 6-13
Pages 105 - 132 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 5.85 Mb)

CALLMANDER, M. W., P. B. PHILLIPSON, M. RAZANAJATOVO & L. NUSBAUMER - The genus Ophiocolea H. Perrier in northern Madagascar with description of four new species and two lectotypifications
Pages 133 - 145 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 6.05 Mb)

CASTAÑO, F., M. CRÈVECOEUR, J.-C. PINTAUD & F. W. STAUFFER - Floral structure in the neotropical palms Chelyocarpus Dammer, Cryosophila Blume and Itaya H. E. Moore (Arecaceae)
Pages 65 - 79 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 4.42 Mb)

CONTI, F. & D. UZUNOV - Crepis magellensis F. Conti & Uzunov (Asteraceae), a new species from Central Apennine (Abruzzo, Italy)
Pages 81 - 86 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 2.05 Mb)

FRAGA-ARGUIMBAU, P. & J. A. ROSSELLÓ - Euphorbia nurae P. Fraga & Rosselló (Euphorbiaceae), a new species from Minorca (Balearic Islands)
Pages 181 - 190 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 5.43 Mb)

GAUTIER, L. & C. M. TAYLOR - Lectotypification of Psychotria ambohimitombensis Bremek. (Rubiaceae)
Pages 122 - 123 | Full text article (pdf 83 Kb)

HONG-WA, C. & G. E. SCHATZ - On the correct authorship of three combinations in Xerochlamys Baker (Sarcolaenaceae)
Pages 107 - 108 | Full text article (pdf 89 Kb)

JEANMONOD, D., A. SCHLÜSSEL & J. GAMISANS - Analysis of the Corsican flora: biological aspects Analyse de la flore Corse : aspects biologiques
Pages 5 - 25 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 997 Kb)

MARTÍNEZ, O. G. - Morphology and distribution of the complex Pteris cretica L. (Pteridaceace) for the American continent
Morfología y distribución del complejo Pteris cretica L. (Pteridaceae) para el continente americano
Pages 159 - 180 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 8.94 Mb)

MOSTI, S., M. RAFFAELLI & M. TARDELLI - Barleria almughsaylensis Mosti, Raffaelli & Tardelli (Acanthaceae), a new species from Oman
Pages 191 - 197 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 2.19 Mb)

NUSBAUMER, L., P. CRIBB & L. GAUTIER - Nervilia gassneri Börge Pett. from Africa is conspecific with the Malagasy N. lilacea Jum. & H. Perrier
Pages 127 - 130 | Full text article (pdf 3.16 Mb)

PINTAUD, J.-C. & F. W. STAUFFER - A revision of the large-flowered group of Basselinia Vieill. sect. Taloua H. E. Moore & Uhl (Arecaceae)
Pages 147 - 154 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 3.81 Mb)

RAMELLA, L. & P. PERRET (ed.) - Notulae ad Floram paraquaiensem, 107-109
Pages 199 - 222 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 257 Kb)

RAMELLA, L., & P. PERRET - The collections of Johann Rudolph Rengger (1795-1832) in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. I. Enumeration and characteristics
Las colecciones de Johann Rudolph Rengger (1795-1832) en Argentina, Brasil y Paraguay. I. Enumeración y características
Pages 215 - 220 | Full text article (pdf 103 Kb)

RAMELLA, L., P. PERRET, F. O. ZULOAGA, O. MORRONE & J. F. PENSIERO - Typifications in the genera Cenchrus L., Chamaeraphis R. Br., Eriochloa Kunth, Panicum L., Paspalum L. and Setaria P. Beauv. (Gramineae-Paniceae) of the flora of Paraguay
Tipificaciones en los géneros Cenchrus L., Chamaeraphis R. Br., Eriochloa Kunth, Panicum L., Paspalum L. y Setaria P. Beauv. (Gramineae-Paniceae) de la flora del Paraguay
Pages 201 - 214 | Full text article (pdf 172 Kb)

ROMERO-ZARCO, C. - Helictochloa Romero Zarco (Poaceae), a new genus of oat grass
Pages 87 - 103 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.4 Mb)

ROQUE, N., L. RAMELLA & P. PERRET - Typifications in the genus Trichogonia (DC.) Gardner (Compositae - Eupatorieae) of the Flora of Paraguay
Tipificaciones en el género Trichogonia (DC.) Gardner (Compositae - Eupatorieae) de la Flora del Paraguay
Pages 221 - 222 | Full text article (pdf 84 Kb)

SCRIVANTI, L. R. & A. M. ANTON - New combination in Bothriochloa Kuntze (Poaceae)
Nueva combinación en Bothriochloa Kuntze (Poaceae)
Pages 155 - 158 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 3.37 Kb)

WAHLERT, G. A. & P. B. PHILLIPSON - Cissus decaryi Wahlert & Phillipson (Vitaceae): a new name for Madagascar
Pages 131 - 132 | Full text article (pdf 89 Kb)