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What plant is this?
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Christmas plants brought to light at the CJBG
Christmas plants brought to light at the CJBG.
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Gold medal for the CJBG's beekeeper
Gold medal for Christian Jenny, CJBG's beekeeper, at the Swiss apiary competition.
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Namoroka Maze Madagascar Documentary
Follow our scientists on a field trip to Madagascar ! Watch the documentary broadcasted on Arte.
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Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève


Candollea 66(2)
(on line publication on 25th January 2012)


AEDO, C. - Geranium trujillense Aedo (Geraniaceae), a new species from Peru
Geranium trujillense Aedo (Geraniaceae), una nueva especie del Perú
Pages 435 - 439 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 959 Kb)

AESCHIMANN, D., N. RASOLOFO & J.-P. THEURILLAT - Analysis of the flora of the Alps. 2 : biodiversity and chorology
Analyse de la flore des Alpes. 2: biodiversité et chorologie
Pages 225 - 253 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.06 Mb)

AMMANN, M., L. GAUTIER & J. KLACKENBERG - Calyptranthera viridiflava Ammann, L. Gaut. & Klack. (Apocynaceae s.l., Secamonoideae), a new species from Madagascar
Pages 281 - 284 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.12 Mb)

BAKAYOKO, A., P. MARTIN, C. CHATELAIN, D. TRAORE & L. GAUTIER - Diversity, family dominance, life forms and ecological strategies of forest fragments compared to continuous forest in southwestern Côte d'Ivoire
Pages 255 - 262 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.14 Mb)

BOGDANOVIĆ, S., C. BRULLO, S. BRULLO, G. GIUSSO DEL GALDO, C. M. MUSARELLA & C. SALMERI - Allium cithaeronis Bogdanović, C. Brullo, Brullo, Giusso, Musarella & Salmeri (Alliaceae), a new species from Greece
Pages 377 - 382 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 3.03 Mb)

CALLMANDER M. W., M. O. LAIVAO & P. B. PHILLIPSON - Pandanaceae specimens relocated from the University of Neuchâtel (NEU), with two new synonymies
Pages 404 - 408 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.06 Mb)

CALLMANDER, M. W. & P. P. LOWRY II - Two new species from the MontPanié massif (New Caledonia): Meryta rivularis Lowry (Araliaceae) and Pandanus taluucensis Callm. (Pandanaceae)
Deux nouvelles espèces du Massif du Panié (Nouvelle-Calédonie): Meryta rivularis Lowry (Araliaceae) et Pandanus taluucensis Callm. (Pandanaceae)
Pages 263 - 272 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.55 Mb)

CALLMANDER, M. W. & P. B. PHILLIPSON - Lectotypification of two species of Bignoniaceae from Madagascar
Pages 400 - 401 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 972 Kb)

CALLMANDER, M. W. & P. B. PHILLIPSON - The genus Vernoniopsis Humbert (Asteraceae) in Madagascar
Pages 409 - 412 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.01 Mb)

CALLMANDER, M. W., P. B. PHILLIPSON & L. GAUTIER (ed.) - Notes on the flora of Madagascar, 14-21
Pages 397 - 423 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.78 Mb)

CALLMANDER, M. W., B. VILA, J. DRANSFIELD & H. BEENTJE - The legacy of Henri Jumelle in Marseille: an overlooked collection of Palms from Madagascar
Pages 419 - 421 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.78 Mb)

CRIBB, P., L. GAUTIER, S. TRIGUI & L. NUSBAUMER - Two new records of Orchidaceae from Madagascar, with an updated list of species shared with continental Africa
Pages 413 - 416 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 535 Kb)

DURAN, A., B. DOGAN, E. HAMZAOĞLU & A. AKSOY - Scorzonera coriacea A. Duran & Aksoy (Asteraceae, Cichorieae), a new species from South Anatolia, Turkey
Pages 353 - 359 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 2.50 Mb)

ELLIS, L. T. - Type specimens of taxa described by C. F. Schwägrichen in the moss genera Calymperes and Syrrhopodon (Musci : Calymperaceae)
Pages 317 - 329 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 2.86 Mb)

GAMISANS, J., L. HUGOT & D. JUTZELER - Hippocrepis conradiae Gamisans & Hugot (Fabaceae), a new species from Corsica, in relation to an endemic butterfly
Hippocrepis conradiae Gamisans & Hugot (Fabaceae), une nouvelle espèce de Corse, liée à un papillon endémique
Pages 273 - 280 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.10 Mb)

GROSSI, M. A. - Neotypification of Stomatanthes helenae (Buscal. & Muschl.) Lisowski (Asteraceae) : the curious history of an African specimen
Pages 361 - 366 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.06 Mb)

GUILLÓ, A., M. Á. ALONSO, A. JUAN & M. B. CRESPO - Nomenclatural notes on Sarcocornia perennis (Mill.) A. J. Scott (Amaranthaceae)
Pages 331 - 335 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.8 Mb)

HADJIKYRIAKOU, G. & R. HAND - Teucrium salaminium Hadjik. & Hand (Lamiaceae, Teucrium sect. Polium), a new species from Cyprus
Pages 341 - 351 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 3.26 Mb)

HEIDEN, G. & A. A. SCHNEIDER - A new species of Baccharis sect. Caulopterae DC. (Asteraceae) from the high altitude grasslands of Parque Nacional do Caparaó, Southeastern Brazil
Pages 337 - 340 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 2.14 Mb)

JONGKIND, C. C. H. & L. GAUTIER - Combretum nusbaumeri Jongkind & L. Gaut. (Combretaceae), a new species from Madagascar
Pages 311 - 315 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.8 Mb)

PAULA-SOUZA, J. DE, J. R. PIRANI & C. DELFINI FELICIANO - Taxonomic and geographic notes on the Hybanthus lanatus (A. St.-Hil.) Baill. complex (Violaceae)
Pages 367 - 375 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 2.55 Mb)

PAZ CANURIA, E. DE, R. ALONSO REDONDO, A. RUIZ DE GOPEGUI & M. E. GARCÍA GONZÁLEZ - The genus Fritillaria L. (Liliaceae) in Cantabrian Cordillera (Spain)
El género Fritillaria L. (Liliaceae) en la Cordillera Cantábrica (España)
Pages 383 - 395 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 650 Kb)

PRICE, M. J. & E. MAIER - Catalogue of the bryophyte types in G: the Grimmiaceae
Pages 285 - 309 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.86 Mb)

RAMELLA, L. & P. PERRET (ed.) - Notulae ad Floram paraquaiensem, 110-111
Pages 425 - 434 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 141 Kb)

RAMELLA, L. & P. PERRET - The collections of Johann Rudolph Rengger (1795-1832) in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. II. Biographical elements and bibliography
Las colecciones de Johann Rudolph Rengger (1795-1832) en Argentina, Brasil y Paraguay. II. Elementos biográficos y bibliografía
Pages 426 - 433 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 190 Kb)

RAMELLA, L., P. PERRET & E. M. NORMAN - Typifications in the genus Buddleja L. (Buddlejaceae) of the flora of Paraguay
Tipificaciones en en el género Buddleja L. (Buddlejaceae) de la flora del Paraguay
Pages 434 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 52 Kb)

ROGERS, Z. S., P. W. SWEENEY & L. GAUTIER - Malagasy Garcinia (Clusiaceae) revisited: new combinations and lectotypifications for Ochrocarpos goudotianus and O. evonymoides and the lectotypification of Garcinia comorensis
Pages 417 - 418 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 95 Kb)

SCHATZ, G. E. & P. P. LOWRY II - A new name for the endemic species of Diospyros L. (Ebenaceae) in the Seychelles
Pages 422 - 423| Abstract | Full text article (pdf 66 Kb)

STONE, R. D. & M. W. CALLMANDER - Two new combinations in Memecylon L. (Melastomataceae) of Madagascar
Pages 402 - 403 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 95 Kb)

Un cas de plagiat dans Candollea - A case of plagiarism in Candollea
Pages 441 | Full text article (pdf 42 Kb)

Index des combinaisons et noms nouveaux - Index of new combinations and names
Pages 443 - 444 | Full text article (pdf 49 Kb)

Index des lectotypifications, néotypifications et épitypification - Index of lectotypifications, neotypifications and epitypification
Pages 445 | Full text article (pdf 45 Kb)

Liste des experts (Novembre 2010 - Novembre 2011) - Reviewers of manuscripts (November 2010 - November 2011)
Pages 446 | Full text article (pdf 27 Kb)