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What plant is this?
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Christmas plants brought to light at the CJBG
Christmas plants brought to light at the CJBG.
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Gold medal for the CJBG's beekeeper
Gold medal for Christian Jenny, CJBG's beekeeper, at the Swiss apiary competition.
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Namoroka Maze Madagascar Documentary
Follow our scientists on a field trip to Madagascar ! Watch the documentary broadcasted on Arte.
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Podcast Vidéos

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Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève


Candollea 67(1)
(PRINT EDITION ISSUED on 16th July 2012)
(on line publication on 27th August 2012)


AESCHIMANN, D., N. RASOLOFO & J.-P. THEURILLAT - Analysis of the flora of the Alps. 3: biology and phenology
Analyse de la flore des Alpes. 3: biologie et phénologie
Pages 5 - 21 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 4.51 Mb)

ALLORGE, L. & A. LEHAVANA - Description of the fruit of Tabernaemontana capuronii Leeuwenb. (Apocynaceae), 40 years after the discovery of this species
Description du fruit de Tabernaemontana capuronii Leeuwenb. (Apocynaceae), 40 ans après la découverte de l?espèce
Pages 139 - 141 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 893 Kb)

BANDYOPADHYAY, S. - Lectotypification of Bauhinia phoenicea Wight & Arn. (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae)
Pages 41 - 43 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 3.04 Mb)

BARTOLUCCI, F. & L. PERUZZI - Typification of Fritillaria tubiformis Gren. & Godr., Fritillaria delphinensis f. moggridgei Planch. and Fritillaria delphinensis var. burnatii Planch. (Liliaceae) from SW Europe
Pages 23 - 29 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 611 Kb)

BHATTACHARJEE, A. - On the status of some species of Cheirostylis Blume (Orchidaceae) from India
Pages 31 - 35 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.26 Mb)

CALLMANDER, M. W. & P. B. PHILLIPSON - Notes on the genus Ochna L. (Ochnaceae) in Madagascar
Pages 142 - 144 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 560 Kb)

CALLMANDER, M. W., P. B. PHILLIPSON & L. GAUTIER (ed.) - Notes on the flora of Madagascar, 22-25
Pages 137 - 151 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 5.09 Mb)

DEY, S. & P. V. PRASANNA - Typifications of Rhynchospora hookeri Boeck., Rhynchospora longisetis R. Br. and Rhynchospora rubra (Lour.) Makino (Cyperaceae)
Pages 45 - 50 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 451 Kb)

FAGÚNDEZ, J. - Study of some European wild hybrids of Erica L. (Ericaceae), with descriptions of a new nothospecies: Erica nelsonii Fagúndez and a new nothosubspecies: Erica veitchii nothosubsp. asturica Fagúndez
Pages 51 - 57 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 2.38 Mb)

FERRER-GALLEGO, P., R. ROSELLÓ, J. GÓMEZ & J. B. PERIS - Revised lectotypification of Teucrium gnaphalodes L?Hér.(Lamiaceae)
Pages 37 - 40 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 2.07 Mb)

GAUTIER, L., L. NUSBAUMER, R. GARRATT, R. RANDRIANAIVO & P. B. PHILLIPSON - Mimusops coriacea (A. DC.) Miq. (Sapotaceae): nomenclature, distribution and ecology
Pages 148 - 151 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 2.92 Mb)

HARDION, L., R. VERLAQUE, M. W. CALLMANDER & B. VILA - Arundo micrantha Lam. (Poaceae), the correct name for Arundomauritanica Desf. and Arundomediterranea Danin
Pages 131 - 135 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 5.14 Mb)

IAMONICO, D. - Studies on the genus Atriplex L. (Amaranthaceae) in Italy. II. Lectotypification of Atriplex elongata Guss.
Pages 181 - 185 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 796 Kb)

KOLLMANN, L. J.-C. & A. LUNA PEIXOTO - Begonia fragae L. Kollmann & Peixoto and Begonia wasshauseniana L. Kollmann & Peixoto (Begoniaceae), two new species from the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil
Pages 59 - 64 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.75 Mb)

MORILLO, G. & J. FONTELLA PEREIRA - Matelea balansae Morillo & Fontella (Asclepiadaceae), a new species for the flora of Paraguay
Matelea balansae Morillo & Fontella (Asclepiadaceae), una nueva especie para la flora de Paraguay
Pages 188 - 189 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 899 Kb)

PRICE, M. J. - Catalogue of the Benjamin Balansa moss collections from Paraguay in Herbarium Genavense (G)
Pages 153 - 179 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 427 Kb)

PUJADAS-SALVÀ, A. J. & P. FRAGA I ARGUIMBAU - Orobanche rumseiana A. Pujadas & P. Fraga (Orobanchaceae), a new species from the Balearic Islands
Pages 65 - 74 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 1.39 Mb)

RAMELLA, L. & P. PERRET (ed.) - Notulae ad Floram paraquaiensem, 112
Pages 187 - 189 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 913 Kb)

ROGERS, S. Z. & M. THULIN - Peltophorum dasyrhachis (Miq.) Kurz: a new record of a Southeast Asian species of Fabaceae (Caesalpinioideae) naturalized in northwestern Madagascar
Pages 145 - 147 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 986 Kb)

STAUFFER, F. W., J. STAUFFER & L. J. DORR - Bonpland and Humboldt specimens, field notes, and herbaria; new insights from a study of the monocotyledons collected in Venezuela
Pages 75 - 130 | Abstract | Full text article (pdf 3.06 Mb)

Analyse d'ouvrage
Pages 191 - 192 | Full text article (pdf 51 Kb)

Index des combinaisons et noms nouveaux - Index of new combinations and names
Pages 193 | Full text article (pdf 22 Kb)