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Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève


Candollea 67(2)
(PRINT EDITION ISSUED on 13th december 2012)
(on line publication on 13th February 2013)


AESCHIMANN, D., N. RASOLOFO & J.-P. THEURILLAT - Analysis of the flora of the Alps. 4: ecology
Analyse de la flore des Alpes. 4: écologie
Pages 193 - 219 | Full text article (pdf 942 Kb)| Abstract |

CALLMANDER, M. W., P. P. LOWRY II, F. FOREST, D. S. DEVEY, H. BEENTJE & S. BUERKI - Benstonea Callm. & Buerki (Pandanaceae): characterization, circumscription, and distribution of a new genus of screw-pines, with a synopsis of accepted species
Pages 323 - 345 | Full text article (pdf 2.11 Mb)| Abstract |

CALLMANDER, M. W. & P. B. PHILLIPSON - An endemic species of Rotheca Raf. (Lamiaceae) from Madagascar
Pages 370 - 372 | Full text article (pdf 778 Kb)| Abstract |

CALLMANDER, M. W., P. B. PHILLIPSON & L. GAUTIER (ed.) - Notes on the flora of Madagascar, 26
Pages 369 - 372 | Full text article (pdf 778 Kb)| Abstract |

CRIBB, P., L. NUSBAUMER & L. GAUTIER - Angraecum darainense P. J. Cribb & Nusb. and Aeranthes unciformis P. J. Cribb & Nusb. (Orchidaceae), two new species from northern Madagasca
Pages 269 - 275 | Full text article (pdf 1.82 Mb)| Abstract |

DE EGEA, J., M. F. MERELES & G. R. CÉSPEDES - Ceiba samauma (Mart.) K. Schum. (Bombacaceae), a new record for the flora of Paraguay
Ceiba samauma (Mart.) K. Schum. (Bombacaceae), nuevo registro para la flora del Paraguay
Pages 364 - 367 | Full text article (pdf 1.58 Mb)|

DEGEN NAUMANN, R. & J. I. MIRANDA DE MELO - New combinations in the genus Euploca Nutt. (Boraginaceae) in Paraguay
Nuevas combinaciones en el género Euploca Nutt. (Boraginaceae) del Paraguay
Page 368 | Full text article (pdf 42 Kb)|

FOGGI, B., C. QUERCIOLI, M. GENNAI, E. NARDI & M. A. SIGNORINI - Lectotypification of taxa belonging to the "Festuca circummediterranea" group
Pages 221 - 228 | Full text article (pdf 7.86 Mb)| Abstract |

GALÁN DE MERA, A. - Typification of Taraxacum canariense Soest (Asteraceae)
Tipificación de Taraxacum canariense Soest (Asteraceae)
Pages 229 - 231 | Full text article (pdf 102 Kb)| Abstract |

GRANDE ALLENDE, J. R. & W. MEIER - Taxonomical novelties in neotropical Campanulaceae I: two new species of Centropogon C. Presl from Venezuela
Novedades taxonómicas en Campanulaceae neotropicales I: dos nuevas especies de Centropogon C. Presl de Venezuela
Pages 233 - 241 | Full text article (pdf 5.66 Mb)| Abstract |

JEANMONOD, D. & A. SCHLÜSSEL (éd.) - Notes and contributions on Corsican flora, XXIV
Notes et contributions à la flore de Corse, XXIV
Pages 293 - 321 | Full text article (pdf 648 Kb)| Abstract |

NGUYEN, V. T., V. LAM LE, V. DUNG VU & N.-H. XIA - Dendrocalamus velutinus N.-H. Xia, V. T. Nguyen & V. D. Vu (Poaceae), a new species from Vietnam
Pages 255 - 259 | Full text article (pdf 1.86 Mb)| Abstract |

RAMELLA, L. & P. PERRET (ed.) - Notulae ad Floram paraquaiensem, 113-115
Pages 347 - 368 | Full text article (pdf 1.74 Mb)| Abstract |

RAMELLA, L. & P. PERRET - The collections of Johann Rudolph Rengger (1795-1832) in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. III. Typification of the names based on the Renggers' herbaria
Las colecciones de Johann Rudolph Rengger (1795-1832) en Argentina, Brasil y Paraguay. III. Tipificación de los nombres descritos a partir de los herbarios Rengger
Pages 349 - 363 | Full text article (pdf 260 Kb)|

SÁEZ, L. & J. A. ROSSELLÓ - Cotoneaster majoricensis L. Sáez & Rosselló (Rosaceae), a new species from Majorca (Balearic Islands, Spain)
Pages 243 - 253 | Full text article (pdf 1.82 Mb)| Abstract |

SCHNEIDER, J. V. & G. ZIZKA - Quiina maracaensis J. V. Schneid. & Zizka and Quiina zamorensis J. V. Schneid. & Zizka (Quiinaceae), two new species of Quiina Aubl. from the Neotropics
Pages 261 - 267 | Full text article (pdf 3.29 Mb)| Abstract |

STAUFFER, F. W. & H. BALSLEV - Socratea karstenii F. W. Stauffer & Balslev (Arecaceae), a new species from Venezuela
Pages 285 - 291 | Full text article (pdf 2.0 Mb)| Abstract |

WAHLERT, G. A., P. B. PHILLIPSON, L. NUSBAUMER & L. GAUTIER - Cyphostemma darainense Wahlert & Phillipson (Vitaceae), a new species from northeastern Madagascar
Pages 277 - 283 | Full text article (pdf 4.21 Mb)| Abstract |

WOHLHAUSER, S. & M. W. CALLMANDER - Exacum alberti-grimaldii Wohlh. & Callm. (Gentianaceae), a new species endemic to northern Madagascar
Pages 373 - 378 | Full text article (pdf 2.23 Mb)| Abstract |

Index des combinaisons et noms nouveaux - Index of new combinations and names
Pages 379 - 380 | Full text article (pdf 60 Kb)|

Index des lectotypifications et néotypifications - Index of lectotypifications and neotypifications
Page 381| Full text article (pdf 53 Kb)|