• Poésie en ville

  • Du 2 au 5 octobre, le festival Poésie en ville propose une immersion totale en poésie avec des performances, des lectures, des rencontres, des ateliers, des concerts, etc. pour petits et grands, amateurs et néophytes. Des Bains des Pâquis, lieu central de la manifestation, aux bibliothèques municipales, chacun y trouvera son bonheur!

  • Exposition "Gustave Courbet. Les années suisses"

  • Exposition "Gustave Courbet. Les années suisses" Cette exposition, proposée par les Musées d'art et d'histoire, entend revenir sur les années passées par Gustave Courbet au bord du Léman et reconsidérer leur place (négligée par l'histoire de l'art) dans la carrière du peintre. Sera également présenté pour la première fois au public «Panorama des Alpes», acquis par le musée en mai 2014.

  • La ville est à vous

  • Rendez-vous apprécié des curieux-euse-s, amateurs et amatrices de vide-grenier, La ville est à vous est aussi un lieu d’expression libre de l’artiste ou du simple citoyen. Ces fêtes de rue sont organisées par les habitant-e-s qui vous invitent le temps d’un week-end à découvrir et partager leur cadre de vie

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  • Retrouvez les événements organisés et soutenus par la Ville de Genève dans l'agenda. Conférences, manifestations, ateliers: il y en a pour toutes les envies!

Vis-à-vis, 6-19 October 2014

8 districts of Geneva
8 photographers
300 works in the public space

The exhibition includes 300 works displayed on 193 billboards across the city's 8 districts, an unusual venue – the Genève-Cornavin SBB railway station – and an online exhibition.

Download the flyer (in french) (pdf 1 mo)

During my year in office as the Mayor of Geneva, I have worked to encourage discussion on the notion of borders. Using geographical borders, I would like to explore the social, economic and cultural borders, as well as those related to city planning, that affect each and every one of us in our day-to-day lives.

This was the backdrop for the Vis-à-vis project, which forms part of the effort to try and understand our city as it undergoes huge changes and redraws its internal borders. The eight artists each spent six months exploring the ins and outs of their districts to give us a fresh and unique perspective on the areas in which they live, their divisions and the ties that bind them together.

The results of this approach will be on public display. I am confident this will enable you to see your city in a totally new light.

Sami Kanaan, Mayor of Geneva

Guided tours of the exhibition on foot, bike or rollerblades

In partnership with PRO VELO Genève, Geneva City Council will run cycling tours of the exhibition on Saturday 11 and 18 October, as well as Sunday 12 and 19 October, departing from the Cornavin railway station at 1:30 p.m. (meet in front of the station, on the lake side, by the bike parking area). Guided walking and rollerblading tours of the districts are also planned.


Geneva's districts take over the station

The Vis-à-vis exhibition has been organised in partnership with the Genève-Cornavin SBB railway station. As a result, some works by the eight photographers have crossed the borders of their districts and are on display in the central concourse and other spaces within the station.


The exhibition makes the most of this unique opportunity to take over locations normally reserved for advertising. This not only contributes to reducing all of the marketing present in our urban environment, but also opens up a space for artistic creativity in the very heart of the city.

The works are displayed on billboards and have a close connection with the city's streets, creating multiple trompe-l'oeils and conscious distancing, while at the same time capturing the poetry or crudeness of a given moment.

The eight photographers were given free rein in their choice of subjects, and thus the final collection presents a multifaceted vision of the complexity and paradoxes of a centre that brings humans together. Empty spaces are filled with incongruous objects. A monumental and organised space experiences peaceful anarchy. The old watches as the new springs up at its side, with nature at times reclaiming its stake. Enjoy your walk!

Ariane Pollet, Exhibition Curator