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Psocoptera checklists
  • (A) Fossils (essentially from Amber and Copal)
  • (I) Western Palaearctic
  • (II) Atlantic Ocean (islands)
  • (III) North America
  • (IV) Central America
  • (V) South America
  • (VI) Africa
  • (VII) Indian Ocean (islands)
  • (VIII) Asia (Eastern Palaearctic and Oriental)
  • (IX) Australia and New Zealand
  • (X) Pacific Ocean (islands)

Checklist of Psocoptera according to the World Catalogue (Lienhard & Smithers, 2002)

If you would like to make an update to this checklist and the corresponding bibliography (new records and nomenclatural or taxonomic changes), you can search the Additions and Corrections to the World Catalogue published in Psocid News, No. 4, 5, 6 etc. and available online at the PsocoNet Homepage.

NOTE: Changes published in Psocid News under the heading "Corrections to Lienhard & Smithers, 2002" have already been integrated in the following checklist, but not the "Additions to the Catalogue". Only published distributional records are taken into consideration for this checklist; detailed bibliographical references to these records are listed in the World Catalogue for each species.

Nepticulomima brasiliensis (Enderlein)
Nepticulomima pulvillata New
Notolepium brasiliense New
Proentomum personatum Badonnel
Soa flaviterminata Enderlein
Soa violacea New
[Echmepteryx (s. l.) spec.]
Echmepteryx angusta New
Echmepteryx bishopi New
Echmepteryx falco (Badonnel)
Echmepteryx fuscata New
Echmepteryx lealae New
Echmepteryx lutosa Mockford
Echmepteryx uniformis Mockford
[Pteroxanium spec.]

Cerobasis guestfalica(Kolbe)

Psoquilla marginepunctata Hagen

Psocathropos lachlani Ribaga

Troctopsoculus brasiliensis New
Troctopsocus separatus (Roesler)

Musapsocus mockfordi New
Musapsocus newi Mockford

Seopsocus acuminatus Roesler
Seopsocus albiceps Mockford
Seopsocus fasciatus Mockford
Seopsocus rafaeli Mockford
Seopsocus rotundatus Roesler

Belaphopsocus badonneli New
Belaphotroctes brunneus Badonnel
Belaphotroctes ghesquierei Badonnel
Belaphotroctes major Badonnel
Belaphotroctes mimulus Badonnel
Belaphotroctes ocularis Badonnel
Belaphotroctes striatus Badonnel
Belaphotroctes vaginatus Badonnel
Chaetotroctes lenkoi Badonnel
Embidopsocopsis newi Badonnel
[Embidopsocus spec.]
Embidopsocus brasiliensis Badonnel
Embidopsocus flexuosus parvulus Badonnel
Embidopsocus frater Badonnel
Embidopsocus leucomelas (Enderlein)
Embidopsocus luteus Hagen
Embidopsocus mendax Badonnel
Embidopsocus pilosus Badonnel
Embidopsocus similis Badonnel
Embidopsocus virgatus (Enderlein)
[Liposcelis spec.]
Liposcelis bostrychophila Badonnel
Liposcelis fusciceps Badonnel
Liposcelis lenkoi Badonnel

Tapinella gamma Mockford
Tapinella maracana Mockford
Tapinella ornaticeps Mockford
Antilopsocus nadleri Gurney
[Pachytroctes spec.]
Pachytroctes brasilianus Roesler
Psyllotroctes plaumanni Roesler

[Epipsocus spec.]
Epipsocus acanthus New
Epipsocus argutus New
Epipsocus atratus New
Epipsocus badonneli Mockford
Epipsocus borgmeieri Karny
Epipsocus foliatus Mockford
Epipsocus fuscareolatus New
Epipsocus latistigma Roesler
Epipsocus maculithorax New
Epipsocus meruleus New
Epipsocus pennyi New
Epipsocus pereirai Badonnel
Epipsocus phaeus New
Epipsocus quurcus Roesler
Epipsocus roraimensis Mockford
Epipsocus serenus Roesler
Epipsocus stigmaticus Mockford
Epipsocus uniformis New
Epipsocus verrucosus New
Epipsocus willineri New
Goja nebulosa (Roesler)
Goja picta (Banks)
Goja plaumanni (Roesler)
Mesepipsocus brasilianus (New)
Mesepipsocus brasiliensis (New)
Mesepipsocus brevistigma (New)
Mesepipsocus brunellus (New)
Mesepipsocus capitulatus (New)
Mesepipsocus fuscatus (New)
Mesepipsocus newi Badonnel
Mesepipsocus niger (New)
Mesepipsocus obscurus (New)
Mesepipsocus roesleri (New)
Mesepipsocus roncadorensis (New)
Mesepipsocus semiclarus (Mockford)
Mesepipsocus sinuatus (New)
Mesepipsocus taitubai (New)

Neurostigma dispositum Roesler
Neurostigma enderleini New
Neurostigma paucivenosum New
Neurostigma radiatum Mockford
Neurostigma roesleri New
Neurostigma xanthopterum New

Dolabellopsocus carcinus Mockford
Dolabellopsocus catenatus Mockford
Dolabellopsocus ctenatus (New)
Dolabellopsocus eertmoedi Badonnel
Dolabellopsocus flavipennis (Roesler)
Dolabellopsocus lobatus Mockford
Dolabellopsocus pectenatus Eertmoed
Dolabellopsocus pictus Mockford
Dolabellopsocus pygmaeus (New)
Dolabellopsocus similis Mockford
Dolabellopsocus spinosus Mockford
[Isthmopsocus spec.]
Isthmopsocus barbatus Mockford
Isthmopsocus breviceps (New)
Isthmopsocus lanceatus Mockford
Isthmopsocus luridus New
Isthmopsocus ornatus (New)
Isthmopsocus radulatus New
Isthmopsocus speculatus Mockford

Cladiopsocus distinctus Eertmoed
Cladiopsocus dolosus (Roesler)
Cladiopsocus domesticus (New)
Cladiopsocus fuscus (New)
Cladiopsocus prionotus (New)
Cladiopsocus uncinatus (New)

Euplocania badonneli New & Thornton
Euplocania cerata New
Euplocania greeni New
Euplocania picta New
Loneura amazonica (New)
Loneura brasiliensis Roesler
Ptiloneuropsis immaculata Roesler
Triplocania ariasi New
Triplocania calcarata New
Triplocania caudata New
Triplocania furcata New
Triplocania immaculata New
Triplocania lunulata New
Triplocania lucida Roesler
Triplocania magnifica Roesler
Triplocania reflexa Roesler
Triplocania rondoniensis Garcia Aldrete
Triplocania umbrata New

Notiopsocus facilis Mockford
Notiopsocus neotropicus (Machado-Allison & Papavero)
Notiopsocus simplex Banks
Pronotiopsocus amazonicus Mockford

[Caecilius spec.]
Coryphaca inka Enderlein
Coryphaca matona (New & Thornton)
Stenocaecilius antillanus (Banks)
Valenzuela adrianae (Mockford)
Valenzuela albofasciatus (Mockford)
Valenzuela albomarginatus (Enderlein)
Valenzuela cinalus (New & Thornton)
Valenzuela claripennis (Mockford)
Valenzuela claristigma (New & Thornton)
Valenzuela clayae (New & Thornton)
Valenzuela fasciatus (Enderlein)
Valenzuela gemmatus (Mockford)
Valenzuela micans (New & Thornton)
Valenzuela nigroticta (Williner)
Valenzuela obscuripennis (Mockford)
Valenzuela paradistinctus (New & Thornton)
Valenzuela posticoides (Mockford)
Valenzuela tuberculatus (New & Thornton)
Enderleinella occidentalis Mockford
Xanthocaecilius eroticus Mockford
Xanthocaecilius granulosus Mockford
Xanthocaecilius pallidus Mockford

Graphopsocus cruciatus (Linnaeus)
Graphopsocus mexicanus Enderlein

Dasypsocus nigrifrons (Roesler)
Dasypsocus roesleri (New & Thornton)
[Polypsocus spec.]
Polypsocus coleopterus Roesler
Polypsocus delunatus Roesler
Polypsocus falcifer Roesler
Polypsocus fastosus Roesler
Polypsocus fuscopterus Mockford
Polypsocus griseolineatus (Enderlein)
Polypsocus lineatus Mockford
Polypsocus ohausianus (Enderlein)
Polypsocus selenius Roesler
Polypsocus serpentinus Mockford
Polypsocus suffuscus Roesler
Polypsocus unicolor Roesler

Dasydemella gynopeza Roesler
Dasydemella setosa Roesler

Anomopsocus radiolosus (Roesler)
Graphocaecilius interpretatus Roesler
Notolachesilla maracana Mockford
[Lachesilla spec.]
Lachesilla acuminata Mockford
Lachesilla aethiopica (Enderlein)
Lachesilla amarilla New
Lachesilla bahiana Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla belemensis Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla bicornata New & Thornton
Lachesilla bimaculata Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla brasiliensis Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla braticagua Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla breviforceps Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla capreola New
Lachesilla carioca Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla columnaris Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla concava Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla convexa Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla cuala Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla falcata Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla garciai Mockford
Lachesilla marginata New & Thornton
Lachesilla mattogrossensis Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla megaforcepeta Mockford
Lachesilla palmera New
Lachesilla papillata Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla patula Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla paulista Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla rugosa Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla tectorum Badonnel
Lachesilla teresiana Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla trunca Garcia Aldrete
Lachesilla valvula New & Thornton
Lachesilla yanomami Mockford
Nadleria alpha Badonnel & Garcia Aldrete
Nadleria gamma Mockford
Nadleria mockfordi Badonnel & Garcia Aldrete

Ectopsocopsis cryptomeriae (Enderlein)
[Ectopsocus spec.]
Ectopsocus pumilis (Banks)
Ectopsocus ribagai Enderlein
Ectopsocus richardsi (Pearman)
Ectopsocus titschacki Jentsch

[Peripsocus spec.]
Peripsocus australis Mockford
Peripsocus nubifer Mockford
Peripsocus pauliani Badonnel
Peripsocus phacellodomi New
Peripsocus placidus Mockford
Peripsocus subtristis Mockford
Peripsocus teutonicus Mockford
Peripsocus tristis Mockford

[Archipsocopsis spec.]
Archipsocopsis frater (Mockford)
Archipsocopsis inornata New
Archipsocopsis virgata New
[Archipsocus spec.]
Archipsocus badonneli New
Archipsocus brasilianus Enderlein
Archipsocus broadheadi Badonnel
Archipsocus castrii Badonnel
Archipsocus cervinus New
Archipsocus costalimai New
Archipsocus enderleini New
Archipsocus floridanus Mockford
Archipsocus gibberophallus New
Archipsocus granulosus Badonnel
Archipsocus gurneyi Mockford
Archipsocus indentatus Mockford
Archipsocus lenkoi Badonnel
Archipsocus lineatus New
Archipsocus minutillus New
Archipsocus mockfordi New
Archipsocus modestus New
Archipsocus newi Badonnel
Archipsocus pearmani New
Archipsocus tenebricosus New
Notarchipsocus fasciipennis Mockford
Notarchipsocus macrurus (New)

[Pseudocaecilius spec.]
Pseudocaecilius tahitiensis (Karny)
[Scytopsocus spec.]
Scytopsocus coriaceus Roesler
Scytopsocus difficilis Roesler
Scytopsocus fluminis Mockford
Scytopsocus medialis New & Thornton

Haplophallus leopardina (Williner)
Aaroniella bruchi (Williner)
Aaroniella glabra New & Thornton
Aaroniella recta New & Thornton

[Nepiomorpha spec.]
Nepiomorpha brasiliana Badonnel
Nepiomorpha cingulata New
Nepiomorpha dolosa Badonnel
Nepiomorpha pallida New

Hemipsocus pallidus New & Thornton

[Amphigerontia spec.]
[Blaste spec.]
Blaste alfineta New
Blaste amazonica Garcia Aldrete
Blaste caudata Mockford
Blaste forcepata (New)
Blaste fusimera New & Thornton
Blaste hamata Mockford
Blaste ligula New & Thornton
Blaste longispina Mockford
Blaste macrura (New)
Blaste obscura (New)
Blaste plaumanni New
Blaste richardsi New
Blastopsocidus brasiliensis (New)
Blastopsocus mockfordi Badonnel
Elaphopsocus glaphyrostigma Roesler
[Cerastipsocus spec.]
Cerastipsocus beaveri New
Cerastipsocus brasilianus (Enderlein)
Cerastipsocus consocius (Navas)
Cerastipsocus fuscipennis (Burmeister)
Cerastipsocus kolbei New
Cerastipsocus rugosus New & Thornton
Cerastipsocus willineri New & Thornton
Cervopsocus medialis New
Dactylopsocus fumigatus (Kolbe)
Dactylopsocus similis Mockford
Eremopsocus crassicornis (Kolbe)
Eremopsocus infumatus McLachlan
Eremopsocus nigripes Mockford
Psococerastis amazonica New
Psococerastis callangana (Enderlein)
Psococerastis fasciata Mockford
Psococerastis hageni New
Psococerastis opulenta (Navas)
Psococerastis paraguayana (Ribaga)
Psococerastis pictiventris (Kolbe)
Psococerastis pyralina (Kolbe)
Psococerastis stictica (Banks)
Brachinodiscus cinctipes (Enderlein)
Metylophorus bishopi New
Metylophorus calcaratus Mockford
Metylophorus ctenatus New
Metylophorus fasciatus New
Metylophorus hispidus Mockford
Metylophorus symmetricus Mockford
Metylophorus theresopolitanus (Enderlein)
Ophthalmopsocus ocularis (Kolbe)
Ophthalmopsocus pallidus (New)
Indiopsocus paranensis (New & Thornton)
Indiopsocus sinuatistigma (New)
Psocidus (s. str.) albostigmus (Banks)
Psocidus (s. str.) manausensis New
Psocidus (s. l.) fuscatus (Navas)
Psocidus (s. l.) kotzbaueri (Navas)
Psocidus (s. l.) nigricornis (Brauer)
Psocidus (s. l.) proi (Navas)
Psocidus (s. l.) punctaticeps (Enderlein)
Psocidus (s. l.) quadrisignatus (Banks)
Psocidus (s. l.) simplex (Enderlein)
Psocidus (s. l.) zikani (Navas)
Psocomesites continuatus (Roesler)
Ptycta lunulata New
Ptycta pearmani New
Ptytca reticulata New
Steleops maculatus New
Steleops pedunculatus (Enderlein)
Steleops pulcher New
Trichadenotecnum circularoides Badonnel
Trichadenotecnum gonzalezi (Williner)
Trichadenotecnum pardus Badonnel
Trichadenotecnum punctipenne New
Trichadenotecnum roesleri New
Trichadenotecnum simile Mockford
Trichadenotecnum sinuatum New
Dictyopsocus pennicornis (Burmeister)
Poecilopsocus anticus (Walker)
Poecilopsocus beaveri (New)
Poecilopsocus bishopi (New)
Poecilopsocus cinctus (Enderlein)
Poecilopsocus leucotelus (Walker)
Poecilopsocus richardsi (New)
Thyrsophorus formosus Navas
Thyrsophorus speciosus Burmeister
Thyrsopsocus aequatorialis Enderlein
Thyrsopsocus bellus (McLachlan)
Thyrsopsocus brasiliensis New
Thyrsopsocus elegans (Enderlein)

Lichenomima ariasi (New)
Lichenomima conspersa Enderlein
Lichenomima onca Mockford
Lichenomima pulchella (New & Thornton)
Lichenomima sparsa (Hagen)
Lichenomima thorntoni Mockford
Lichenomima timmei Mockford
Myopsocus albomaculatus (New)
Myopsocus albus Garcia Aldrete
Myopsocus cinctus (New)
Myopsocus minor (New & Thornton)
Myopsocus parvus Mockford
Myopsocus pennyi (New)
Myopsocus vespertilio Mockford

Psocoptera: World Catalogue and Bibliography / Classification / Subject bibliography / Worldwide country checklists of species

Charles Lienhard
January 2004


Natural History Museum of the
City of Geneva
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