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World Catalogue and Bibliography

Charles Lienhard & Courtenay N. Smithers

Instrumenta Biodiversitatis V
Muséum d'histoire naturelle, Genève, 2002

Psococerastis gibbosa
Psococerastis gibbosa (Sulzer)
(Psocoptera, Psocidae)
female, lateral view
(body length: 6mm)

This World Catalogue and Bibliography is a book published in 2002 which, as a whole, is not available on the Internet (Presentation and Order Information). However, for the user of the 2002-book, these pages give access to important complementary information not directly accessible via the printed version:
  • Classification of Psocoptera, with Checklist of Genera (extracted from the 2002-book) (HTML and PDF versions).Worldwide Country Checklists of Psocoptera Species (extracted from the 2002-book). These pages offer an individual species checklist for each country in which Psocoptera have been recorded up to the year 2000. Detailed references to the faunistical literature concerning each country are given in the 2002-book for each species.Chronological Subject Bibliography of Psocoptera Literature (updated in February 2015). The complete Psocoptera literature published from 1688 up to 2000 is analysed according to 15 main subject keywords, referring to the alphabetical World Bibliography published in the 2002-book. In addition, all references not yet published in the 2002-book (see below) are also mentioned here for each subject keyword (see "Additions to the World Bibliography" at the end of each subject heading).
  • Additions and Corrections to the World Catalogue and Bibliography: Parts 1-n published in Psocid News, No 4,5,6 etc.; see also the Synthesis of Parts 1-10 (pdf, 2.1M). They give access to all Corrections which can directly be noted in the 2002-book by its user. Furthermore, they give also access to all Additions compiled in view of a future revised edition of the book. By computer searching through the HTML-version of the different parts of these "Additions" the user can easily update any part of the 2002-book according to his interests (taxonomy, faunistics, bibliography). The "Additions to the Bibliography" have already been incorporated into the Chronological Subject Bibliography (see above).

Charles Lienhard
January 2004 / Updated in February 2015


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