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Solanum panduriforme E. Mey. ex Dunal
Protologue : Prodr. (DC.) 13(1): 370. n. 851 (1852) 
Information on the genus : Solanum
Status for SA : rejected (present)
Status for TA : rejected (present), is synonym of : Solanum campylacanthum A. Rich.
Synonym(s) Homotypic
 Solanum campylacanthum subsp. panduriforme (Drège ex Dunal) Sam. (2012)
Synonym(s) Heterotypic
=Solanum campylacanthum A. Rich. subsp. campylacanthum
=Solanum campylacanthum A. Rich. (1850)
=Solanum pharmacum Klotzsch (1861)
=Solanum delagoense Dunal (1852)
=Solanum benguelense Peyr. (1860)
=Solanum delagoense var. benguelense (Peyr.) Bitter (1923)
=Solanum omahekense Dammer (1915)
=Solanum delagoense subsp. omahekense (Dammer) Bitter (1923)
=Solanum omitiomirense Dammer (1915)
=Solanum beniense De Wild. (1922)
=Solanum bojeri var. deckenii (Dammer) Bitter
=Solanum deckenii Dammer (1912)
=Solanum bojeri Dunal (1852)
=Solanum bussei Dammer (1912)
=Solanum cufodontii Lanza (1939)
=Solanum delpierrei De Wild. (1914)
=Solanum endlichii Dammer (1915)
=*Solanum francoisii Dammer ex Dinter
=Solanum goniocalyx Lanza (1939)
=Solanum himatacanthum Dammer (1915)
=Solanum iodes Dammer (1915)
=Solanum lachneion Dammer (1906)
=Solanum macrosepalum Dammer (1915)
=Solanum magdalenae Dammer (1906)
=Solanum malacochlamys Bitter (1923)
=Solanum maranguense Bitter (1923)
=Solanum melongenifolium Lanza (1939)
=Solanum merkeri Dammer (1912)
=Solanum mesomorphum Bitter (1923)
=Solanum neumannii var. schoense Bitter
=Solanum neumannii Dammer (1906)
=Solanum ochracanthum Bitter (1923)
=Solanum pembae Bitter (1923)
=Solanum psilostylum Dammer (1895)
=Solanum repandifrons Bitter (1923)
=Solanum secedens Dammer (1915)
=Solanum sennii Chiov. (1932)
=Solanum stellativillosum Bitter (1923)
=Solanum tabacicolor Dammer (1915)
=Solanum tuntula De Wild. (1922)
=Solanum urbanianum Dammer (1895)
=Solanum verbascifrons Bitter (1923)
=Solanum volkensii Dammer (1895)
=Solanum phoricum Klotzsch (1861)
=Solanum tomentellum Klotzsch (1861)
=Solanum mossambicensis Klotzsch (1861)
=Solanum fischeri Dammer
=Solanum trepidans C.H. Wright
=Solanum antidotum Dammer
=Solanum obliquum Dammer
=Solanum astrochlaenoides Dammer
=Solanum pentheri Gand. (1918)
=Solanum bojeri var. houyanum Bitter
=Solanum bojeri var. integrum Bitter
=Solanum campylacanthum subsp. cordifrons Bitter
=Solanum campylacanthum var. ellipsoideum Bitter
=Solanum campylacanthum subsp. kondeense Bitter
=Solanum delagoense var. munitius Bitter
=Solanum delagoense var. brachyastrotrichum Bitter
=Solanum delagoense var. karagweanum Bitter
=Solanum delagoense var. pliomorphum Bitter
=Solanum delagoense var. punctatistellatum Bitter
=Solanum delagoense var. epacanthastrum Bitter
=Solanum delagoense subsp. baumii Bitter
=Solanum delagoense subsp. transvaalense Bitter
=Solanum indicum var. kavirondoense Bitter
=Solanum malacochlamys var. transgrediens Bitter
=Solanum merkeri var. tobleri Bitter
=Solanum merkeri var. mediidominans Bitter
=Solanum merkeri var. militans Bitter
=Solanum merkeri var. endastrophorum Bitter
=Solanum merkeri var. intermontanum Bitter
=Solanum merkeri var. ruandense Bitter
=Solanum lachneion var. abbreviatum Bitter
=Solanum lachneion var. intercedens Bitter
=Solanum lachneion var. protopyrrhotrichum Bitter
=Solanum urkerewense Bitter
Ecology and distribution
South. Afr.
Biol./Eco : biology: perennial -Shrub, Dwarf shrub, Herb - Ht 0.2 - 0.6 m. Alt: 1170 - 2070 m. Distribution: LES, FS, GA, KN, LP, MP, NC, NW

Bibliography for Southern Africa :
  • Bothalia 3: 253 (1937).
  • PLOWES D.C.H. (1976). Wild Flowers of Rhodesia. A guide to some of the common wild flowers of Rhodesia. Longman Rhodesi
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