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Bulbophyllum scaberulum (Rolfe) Bolus
Information on the genus : Bulbophyllum
Basionym : Megaclinium scaberulum Rolfe
Status for SA : accepted (present)
Status for TA : accepted (present)
Synonym(s) Homotypic
 Megaclinium scaberulum Rolfe (1888)
 Bulbophyllum scaberulum (Rolfe) Bolus var. scaberulum
Synonym(s) Heterotypic
=Bulbophyllum congolanum Schltr. (1907)
=Bulbophyllum bambiliense De Wild. (1916)
=Bulbophyllum chevalieri De Wild. (1921)
=Bulbophyllum clarkei (Rolfe) Schltr.
=Megaclinium clarkei Rolfe (1891)
=Bulbophyllum ealaense De Wild. (1916)
=Bulbophyllum eburneum (Pfitzer) De Wild.
=Megaclinium eburneum Pfitzer (1908)
=Bulbophyllum jespersenii De Wild.
=*Bulbophyllum oxypterum auct.
=Bulbophyllum pobeguinii (Finet) De Wild.
=Megaclinium pobeguinii Finet (1910)
=Bulbophyllum summerhayesii Hawkes
=Bulbophyllum zobiaense De Wild. (1916)
=Bulbophyllum scaberulum var. album Perez-Vera
Taxon infra-specific
Bulbophyllum scaberulum (Rolfe) Bolus var. scaberulum
Bulbophyllum scaberulum var. fuerstenbergianum (De Wild.) J.J. Verm. (1986)
Bulbophyllum scaberulum var. crotalicaudatum J.J. Verm.
Ecology and distribution
Trop. Afr.
Biology : Epiphytic, sometimes lithophytic herb; pseudobulbs 2-13 cm apart, 2-leaved, ovoid or narrowly ellipsoid, 2-9x1-3,6 cm, ± flattened, 3-5-angled, angles sometimes knobby; leaves petiolate (0-6 cm), elliptic to linear, 3-28x1-6 cm, acute, thick; inflorescence 6-55 cm long, 12-100-flowered; peduncle 3,5-28 cm long; rachis widened and flattened, sometimes blade-like, 3-30x0,2-1,5 cm, green, variously mottled red or crimson, or entirely crimson; bracts deltoid-ovate, 2-9x2-13 mm; flowers distichous, borne on the midline, or excentric, on the mid-vein of each side of rachis, green with purple-brown mottling, fleshy; sepals linear-lanceolate, 3,5-9x1,2-5 mm; petals not recurved, falcate, oblique, 2,3-7x0,4-1,5 mm; lip ovate, recurved, 1,2-3x1-2,2 mm, slightly constricted near middle.
Ecology : Rain-forest; evergreen forest; riverine forest; Gilbertiodendron dewevrei forest; semi-deciduous forest; forest fringes of inselbergs; plantations (e.g. cocoa); edges of salt-pans; on small branches of trees 2-5 m above ground; forming large colonies; in exposed places; 0-2300 m alt.
  Species very similar to B. resupinatum, B. sandersonii (see above).
  A natural hybrid B. scaberulum x B. maximum is described from Zimbabwe by Fibeck & Mavi (Kirkia 17: 147-149, 2001) = B. x chikukwa (see above).
  Bioko/Fernando Poo, S. Tomé (Acta Bot. Gall. 147: 170, 2000); S. Africa.
  Vegetatively very variable: small short-leaved forms are easily recognized, but bigger plants cannot be distinguished from B. sandersonii in a sterile condition (I. la Croix & al., Orchids Malawi: 206, 1991). The variation concerns the shape of the pseudobulbs and the leaves. Comprises 3 vars. (fide Vermeulen, 1987: 116): - var. scaberulum [syn.: Enum. 3: 122, 1995; B. summerhayesii A. D. Hawkes; B. eburneum (Pfitzer) De Wild.; B. ealaense De Wild.; B. jespersenii De Wild.; B. zobiaense De Wild.; B. scaberulum var. album Perez-Vera; Megaclinium clarkei Rolfe; M. congolanum (Schltr.) T. Durand & H. Durand; M. eburneum Pfitzer; M. bambiliense De Wild., nom. alt.; M. ealaense De Wild., nom. alt.; M. jespersenii De Wild., nom. alt.; M. zobiaense De Wild., nom. alt.; M. chevalieri De Wild., nom. alt.; M. pobeguinii Finet] with rachis only slightly thickened, bracts small, petals 2,3-5,5 mm long; - var. crotalicaudatum J. J. Verm., with thickened rachis, large bracts (6-9x6-13 mm), flowers white or deep purple, petals 6-7 mm long, in Tanzania; - var. fuerstenbergianum (De Wild.) J. J. Verm. [bas.: Megaclinium fuerstenbergianum De Wild.; syn. Bulbophyllum fuerstenbergianum (De Wild.) De Wild.] with only slightly thickened rachis, bracts small, 4-6,5x2-3 mm, flowers yellowish or greenish suffused with purple, petals oblong, 3,2-3,8x1-1,4 mm, in SE Nigeria-W Cameroon-Bioko-Zaire.
  • Gamarra R., P. Galán Cela & E. Ortúnez (2019). Orchidaceae in Equatorial Guinea (West Tropical Africa): nomenclatural and taxonomic notes, new records and critical taxa. Kew Bull. 74/2: 9
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