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Chlorophytum subpetiolatum (Baker) Kativu
Family : Anthericaceae
Information on the genus : Chlorophytum
Basionym : Anthericum subpetiolatum Baker
Status for TA : accepted (present)
Synonym(s) Homotypic
 Anthericum subpetiolatum Baker (1876)
 Anthericum angustifolium Rendle (1910)
 Chlorophytum subpetiolatum (Baker) Kativu var. subpetiolatum
Synonym(s) Heterotypic
=Chlorophytum angustifolium Rendle (1911)
=Anthericum ugogoense Poelln. (1942)
=Anthericum useguahaense Poelln. (1942)
=Acrospira giorgii De Wild. & Ledoux
=Acrospira kapiriensis De Wild. & Ledoux
=Acrospira laurentii De Wild.
=Acrospira laurentii var. minor De Wild.
=Acrospira laurentii var. variegatum De Wild.
=Acrospira breviscapa De Wild.
=Chlorophytum moniliforme Rendle (1895)
=Chlorophytum fusiforme Rendle (1895)
=Chlorophytum ruwenzoriense Rendle (1908)
=Chlorophytum buarense Poelln. (1944)
=Chlorophytum hispidiflorum Poelln. (1947)
=Chlorophytum hispidoscapum Poelln. (1947)
=Chlorophytum longiantheratum Poelln. (1947)
=Chlorophytum subhispidum var. glabrum Poelln.
=Chlorophytum bifoliatum Poelln.
=Chlorophytum hecqii De Wild.
=Chlorophytum polyrrhizum Baker (1878)
=Chlorophytum subhispidum Poelln. (1947)
=Chlorophytum subulatum Peter ex Poelln. (1947)
=*Chlorophytum variegatum Schweinf. ex Poelln. (1945)
=Anthericum monophyllum Baker (1878)
=Anthericum bragae Engl. (1895)
=Anthericum triphyllum Baker (1898)
=Anthericum stolzii Engl. & K. Krause
=Anthericum claessensii De Wild. (1911)
=Anthericum malchairii De Wild. (1911)
=Anthericum hecqii De Wild. (1911)
=*Anthericum tuberosum De Wild. (1913)
=Anthericum unifolium Poelln. (1942)
=Anthericum porense Poelln. (1942)
=Anthericum brehmerianum Poelln. (1942)
=Anthericum bifoliatum Poelln. (1942)
=Anthericum bussei Poelln. (1942)
=Anthericum lacustre Poelln. (1942)
=Anthericum urumburense Poelln. (1942)
=Anthericum setiferum Poelln. (1942)
=Anthericum dimorphum Poelln. (1942)
=Anthericum montanum Poelln. (1944)
=Anthericum brehmerianum var. longibracteatum Poelln.
=Anthericum brehmerianum var. longipedicellatum Poelln.
=Anthericum diversifolium Poelln. (1942)
=Anthericum limbamenense Engl. & K. Krause
=Anthericum tropicum Poelln.
=Debesia minor (De Wild.) Robyns & Tournay
=Anthericum laurentii var. minor De Wild.
=Debesia contorta Lebrun & L. Touss.
Taxon infra-specific
Chlorophytum subpetiolatum (Baker) Kativu var. subpetiolatum
Chlorophytum subpetiolatum var. pilosifolium
Ecology and distribution
Trop. Afr.
Biology : Herb clumped or single, 10-40 cm tall; rhizome thick, moniliform, occasionally tuberous, with fibrous remains of old leaf-bases; roots spongy with fusiform tubers at base; leaves often dimorphic, ± distichous, ± clasping, glabrous or pubescent, sometimes ribbed, linear-lanceolate, 5-30-70x0,5-5 cm: - outer ones wider and cataphyll-like, - inner ones petiolate, margins scabrid or ciliate; peduncle papillate to pubescent, 5-40 cm long; raceme ± lax, 5-15 cm long; bracts to 5,5 cm long; pedicels usually articulated below middle, 3-6 mm long, 2-3 at each lower node; perianth star-shaped; tepals 8-15x2,5-4 mm, 3-5-veined, white, sometimes tinged greenish or brownish; capsule shallowly 3-lobed to rounded-deltate in cross section, smooth or slightly ridged, 5-9x6-8 mm, slightly emarginate.
Ecology : All kinds of open woodland; wooded grassland; grassland; forest clearings; even on ± barren soils; tolerates heavy grazing and erosion; often on very shallow soil overlying rock; from sandy to heavy seasonally flooded soils; steppic savanna on poor Kalahari sand or copper soil; 0-2450 m alt.
  Variable polyploid species complex (numerous synonyms !); but easy to recognize by its carrot-like roots, ± distichous leaves, pubescent peduncle and large flowers.

Bibliography for Tropical Africa :
  • (1997). Flora of Tropical East Africa Anthericaceae: 36-40
  • Darbyshire, I. Kordofami, M. & al. (2015). The plants of Sudan and south Sudan, An annoted checklist. Kew Publishing

Bibliography for Southern Africa :
  • Nord. J. Bot. 13: 59-65 (1993).
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