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Pandanus rabaiensis Rendle
Protologue : J. Bot. 32: 325 (1894) 
Informations sur le genre : Pandanus
Statut pour TA : accepté (présent)
Synonyme(s) hétérotypique(s)
=Pandanus engleri Warb. (1905)
=Pandanus goetzei Warb. (1900)
=Pandanus hahnii Warb.
=Pandanus stuhlmannii Warb.
=Pandanus bicarpelatus H. St. John
=*Pandanus cidaris H. St. John
=*Pandanus diminuens H. St. John
=*Pandanus mafiaensis H. St. John
=*Pandanus makuti H. St. John
=*Pandanus petraeus H. St. John
=*Pandanus usambaraensis H. St. John
=*Pandanus kambicalcicola H. St. John
Ecologie et distribution
Afr. Trop.
Biologie : Tree 3-20 m tall, to 25 cm in diam., with sharp conic spines 2-7 mm; stilt roots to 2 m high in swampy sites, much less on solid ground. Leaves 1.2-4 m long, (1.3-)5-16 cm wide; marginal prickles 2-5 mm long, 5-13(-33) mm apart. Infrutescence not quite pendent, plurisyncarpic with 2-7 heads. Syncarp red, 7-20 × 5-12.5 cm, ellipsoid; peduncle to 75 × 2.5 cm; drupes 15-30 × 22-28 × 15?23 mm, (2-)4-6-locular; pileus 5-20 mm high, 15-35 mm across; stigmas 4-6, reniform; endocarp 16-19 mm high, mesocarp (slightly) spongy and fibrous. Staminate inflorescences white, 12?30 cm long; individual spadices 5-6 in number, to 14 × c. 3.5 cm; lowermost bracts whitish, the proximal to 67 × 5.5 cm, the distal 11 × 1.7 cm; stamens subumbellate, often with two tiers of umbels. Stemonophore 5-10.5 mm long, each bearing 5-8 stamens; filaments 0.5-1 mm; anthers linear, 1.8-2 mm long, rounded at apex, spirally contorted after anthesis.
Ecologie : On the coast in swampy sites and on limestone, on white sand with giant heath, more inland in riverine forest or along streams in evergreen forest; 0-1400 m.
  Pandanus rabaiensis is the only known taxon of Pandanus sect. Dauphinensia H. St. John occurring outside Madagascar (see Callmander & Laivao, 2002).
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