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Sansevieria forskaoliana (Schult. f.) Hepper & J.R.I. Wood
Famille : Dracaenaceae
Protologue : Kew Bull. 38(1): 83 (1983)
Informations sur le genre : Sansevieria
Basionyme : Smilacina forskaliana Schult. f.
Statut pour TA : accepté (présent)
Synonyme(s) homotypique(s)
 Smilacina forskaliana Schult. f.
Synonyme(s) hétérotypique(s)
=Acyntha abyssinica var. sublaevigata Chiov. (1916)
=Sansevieria abyssinica var. sublaevigata (Chiov.) Cufod. (1971)
=*Sansevieria guineensis var. angustior Engl.
=Sansevieria abyssinica var. angustior (Engl.) Cufod. (1971)
=Acyntha abyssinica (N.E. Br.) Chiov.
=Sansevieria abyssinica N.E. Br. (1913)
=Acyntha elliptica Chiov. (1932)
=Sansevieria elliptica (Chiov.) Cufod. (1971)
=*Sansevieria guineensis auct. Fl. Aethiop. & Fl. Afr. p.p., non (L.) Willd.
=Acyntha conspicua Chiov. (1916) non N.E.Br.
=Convallaria racemosa Forssk.
Ecologie et distribution
Afr. Trop.
Biologie : Acaulescent herb; rhizome c. 2 cm Ø; leaves rosulate, erect to subrigid, 2-8 per plant, lanceolate, 65x5-7,5 cm, rough, tip hardened and 0,2 cm long; margins 1-2 mm wide, sinuate, with 2 orange to brown stripes alongside a very narrow grey-white membrane along the margin; raceme terminal or subterminal, compact, simple, spike-like, 65-76(-95) cm long, with 6-7 clusters 1,6-2 cm apart, axis 3-5 mm Ø; flowers 4-7 per cluster, dark grey-white, 2,6-4x0,2-0,4 cm, tube 2-2,2 cm long, lobes 1,6-1,9 cm long; berry 0,7-1x0,6-1,2 cm.
Ecologie : Dry or evergreen bushland, grassland; escarpments; very widespread species; dry rocky places; Combretaceous woodland with tall grasses; riverine vegetation; also under trees and shrubs; 0-2200 m alt.
  Very variable in size, number and colour of leaves in different habitats; in drier areas the leaves may reach only 40 cm in height, in wetter places up to 1 m.
  Yemen, SW Saudi Arabia.

Bibliographie pour l'Afrique Tropicale :
  • Darbyshire, I. Kordofami, M. & al. (2015). The plants of Sudan and south Sudan, An annoted checklist. Kew Publishing
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