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Albuca kirkii (Baker) Brenan
Famille : Hyacinthaceae
Protologue : Mem. New York Bot. Gard. ix. 9: (1954)
Informations sur le genre : Albuca
Basionyme : Ornithogalum kirkii Baker
Statut pour TA : accepté (présent)
Synonyme(s) homotypique(s)
 Ornithogalum kirkii Baker (1873)
Synonyme(s) hétérotypique(s)
=*Albuca caudata auct. Baker in F.T.A., non Jacq.
=Albuca myogaloides Welw. ex Baker (1878)
=Albuca nyikensis Baker (1897)
=*Albuca pachychlamys auct. sensu Polhill, Agnew, Cribb & Leedal, non Baker
Ecologie et distribution
Afr. Trop.
Biologie : Herb to 1,5 m tall, flowering with or before leaves; bulb scales with or without fibrous apex; leaves glabrous, narrowly lanceolate, to 55x0,6-1,5 cm; raceme 5-40-flowered; pedicels 1,5-10 cm long; flowers erect; tepals 1,2-2,1 cm long, white to cream with a green midrib, inner strongly cucullate and connivent, outer weakly cucullate and ± spreading; capsule 1-1,8 cm long.
Ecologie : Grassland; open bushland; Brachystegia woodland in shallow soil over rock; pioneer vegetation with Aeollanthus heliotropioides, Icomum lineare, Coleochloa setifera, Andropogon fastigiata, Antherothoma naudinii, etc., on dome-shaped granitic outcrop; bushed grassland with Combretum apiculatum, C. fragrans, Terminalia stenostachya, etc., on shallow gravelly truncated soil, covered with quartz stones, annually burned (vide Norweg. J. Bot. 24: 74-75, 1977); 1000-2700 m alt.
  Variable species, e.g. in size.
  Distribution disjunct.
  • Taxon 58: 96 (2009)
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