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Bersama abyssinica Fresen.
Informations sur le genre : Bersama
Statut pour TA : accepté, NF (présent)
Synonyme(s) homotypique(s)
 Bersama abyssinica Fresen. subsp. abyssinica
Synonyme(s) hétérotypique(s)
=Bersama coriacea Baker f.
=Bersama schweinfurthii Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama tessmannii Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama xanthotricha Gilg & Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama abyssinica var. holstii (Gürke) Verdc.
=Bersama holstii Gürke (1894)
=Bersama abyssinica subsp. engleriana (Gürke) F. White
=Bersama abyssinica var. engleriana (Gürke) Verdc.
=Bersama engleriana Gürke (1891)
=Bersama nyassae Baker f.
=Bersama abyssinica subsp. nyassae (Baker f.) White
=Bersama abyssinica var. nyassae (Baker f.) Verdc.
=Bersama abyssinica var. kandtii (Gilg & Brehmer) Verdc.
=Bersama kandtii Gilg & Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama abyssinica var. gracilipes (Mildbr.) Verdc.
=Bersama gracilipes Mildbr. (1932)
=Bersama abyssinica var. ugandensis (Sprague) Verdc. excl. syn. B. myriantha Gilg & v.Brehm.
=Bersama ugandensis Sprague (1906)
=Bersama abyssinica subsp. paullinioides (Planch.) Verdc. quoad syn. B. angolensis
=Natalia paullinioides Planch.
=Bersama paullinioides (Planch.) Baker
=Bersama abyssinica var. paullinioides
=*Bersama abyssinica subsp. paullinioides auct. sensu Brenan
=Bersama angolensis Baker f.
=Bersama bolamensis Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama chippii Sprague & Hutch.
=Bersama chloroleuca Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama erythrocarpa Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama faucicola Gilg & Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama goetzei Gürke (1900)
=Bersama gossweileri Baker f.
=Bersama hebecalyx Gilg & Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama jaegeri Gilg & Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama kiwuensis Gürke
=Bersama leiostegia Stapf (1905)
=Bersama lobulata Sprague & Hutch. (1913)
=Bersama maschonensis Gürke (1907)
=Bersama myriantha Gilg & Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama ninagongensis Gürke
=Bersama pachythyrsa Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama preussii Baker f.
=Bersama schreberifolia Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama subalata Hutch. & Dalziel (1929)
=Bersama suffruticosa Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama ugandensis var. serrata Baker f.
=Bersama ussanguensis Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama volkensii Gürke (1896)
=Bersama zombensis Dunkley
=Bersama andongensis Hiern (1896)
=Bersama deiningeri Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama deneckeana Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama leucotricha Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama usambarica Gürke (1895)
=Bersama gallensis Brehmer (1917)
=*Bersama integrifolia A. Rich. (1847)
=Bersama serrata A. Rich. (1847)
=Bersama pachyneura Gilg & Brehmer (1917)
=Bersama pallidinervia Brehmer (1917)
Taxons infra-spécifiques
Bersama abyssinica Fresen. subsp. abyssinica
Bersama abyssinica var. paullinioides
Ecologie et distribution
Afr. Trop.
Biologie : Tree 6-12-25 m branching low down, but also shrub 1,5-3-8 m tall; bark smooth to rough, light brown; slash yellow with copious watery yellowish sap; leaves crowded at the ends of branchlets, 0,3-1 m long, imparipinnate, with large intrapetiolar stipules
  see more in the book
Ecologie : In variety of habitats: secondary evergreen rain-and semiswamp-forests; grassland with scattered trees; scrubland; thickets; grassland; woodland; Acacia grassland; 18-2715 m alt.
  A very polymorphic (aggregate) species subdivided by Verdcourt for, e.g., Flora of Tropical East Africa (Melianthaceae: 2-7, 1958) into 2 subspecies, each with a number of varieties.

Bibliographie pour l'Afrique Tropicale :
  • Darbyshire, I. Kordofami, M. & al. (2015). The plants of Sudan and South Sudan, An annoted checklist. Kew Publishing
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