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Dioscorea cayenensis Lam.
Protologue : Encycl. (Lamarck) 3(1): 233 (1789) 
Informations sur le genre : Dioscorea
Statut pour MA : accepté (présent)
Statut pour TA : accepté, NF (présent)
Synonyme(s) homotypique(s)
 Dioscorea cayenensis Lam. subsp. cayenensis (1789)
Synonyme(s) hétérotypique(s)
=Dioscorea berteroana Kunth (1850)
=Dioscorea moma De Wild. (1912)
=Dioscorea occidentalis R. Knuth (1924)
=*Dioscorea praehensilis auct. F.T.A. p.p.
=Dioscorea pruinosa A. Chev. (1913)
=Dioscorea camerunensis R. Knuth (1924)
=Dioscorea aculeata Balb. ex Kunth
Taxons infra-spécifiques
Dioscorea cayenensis subsp. rotundata (Poir.) J. Miège
Dioscorea cayenensis Lam. subsp. cayenensis (1789)
Ecologie et distribution
Afr. Trop.
Biologie : Vine with annual stems, terete, right-twining, 2-5 m long, unarmed or prickly, spines 1-3 at base, sparse above; bulbils absent; tuber sub-cylindrical, sometimes bifid at base, 35-50 cm long, 7-10 cm Ø (weight up to 26 kg), formed near soil surface, superficial roots prickly or unarmed; leaves opposite above, alternate at base; petiole 2,5-12 cm long, sometimes spiny, rounded-canaliculate; blade broadly ovate to suborbicular, sometimes undulate, 4-12x2,5-10 cm, apex acuminate, base broadly cordate; male inflorescence of 1-3 spikes, 4-6 cm long, in leaf axils; female of 1-2 spikes, 10-12 cm long, few-flowered, to 45 cm long in fruit; capsule 2-2,5x3-3,5 cm; seeds winged all round.
Ecologie : Wooded savannas; sources; fallows; gallery; forests with Scorodophloeus zenkeri; sandy soils; 200-1100 m alt.
  Two subspecies are recognized, but the criteria used to differentiate them are not satisfactory, and many forms are intermediate
  The relations between D. cayenensis, D. praehensilis, D. abyssinica, D. liebrechtsiana are not clear.
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