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Chlorophytum affine Baker
Famille : Anthericaceae
Informations sur le genre : Chlorophytum
Statut pour TA : accepté, NF (présent)
Synonyme(s) homotypique(s)
 Chlorophytum affine Baker var. affine
Synonyme(s) hétérotypique(s)
=Chlorophytum conspicuum Poelln. (1947)
=Chlorophytum pubescens Peter ex Poelln. (1947)
=*Chlorophytum uvivense auct. Agnew in Upland Kenya Wild Flowers., ed. 2: 318 (1994), non Poelln.
=Anthericum taylorianum Rendle (1895)
=Anthericum turuense Poelln. (1942)
=Anthericum pubirhachis Baker (1876)
=*Dasystachys graminea A. Chev. (1920)
Taxons infra-spécifiques
Chlorophytum affine Baker var. affine
Chlorophytum affine var. curviscapum (Poelln.) Hanid
Ecologie et distribution
Afr. Trop.
Biologie : Herb 10-40 cm tall with fibrous remains of old leaf-bases on a woody knobbly rhizome; roots thin with white tubers at tip; leaves linear, distichous, erect to falcate, often canaliculate, sometimes finely undulate, firm, 10-40x0,4-2 cm, margins and often midribs ciliate; leaf-bases and cataphylls blotched with greenish brown to brownish red spots or bands; peduncles upright or arcuate at base, angled, glabrous to shortly hairy below, densely papillate to pubescent above; inflorescence a simple raceme, 3-13 cm long; rachis angled, pubescent or scabrid, sometimes sinuate; pedicels suberect, articulated below middle, ± papillate, 3,5-10 mm, 1-3 per node; flowers white, star-shaped; tepals 6-11x2-4 mm, 3-5-veined, with a greenish brown stripe outside; capsule deeply triquetrous, smooth to slightly transversely ridged, 4-5x5-7 mm, emarginate.
Ecologie : Often in dense clumps. Open woodland; Acacia-Commiphora bushland; wooded grassland; grassland with Themeda-Hyparrhenia; thornbush; often in overgrazed and eroded sites with bare patches, usually on sandy soils; in shallow soils overlying limestone; more rarely on black cotton soils and hard pans; often in seasonally wet sites; swamps, meadow; 15-2800 m alt.
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