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Calanthe sylvatica (Thouars) Lindl.
Protologue : Gen. Sp. Orchid. Pl. 250 (1833)
Informations sur le genre : Calanthe
Basionyme : Centrosis sylvatica Thouars
Statut pour MA : accepté (présent)
Statut pour SA : accepté, NF (présent)
Statut pour TA : accepté, NF (présent)
Synonyme(s) homotypique(s)
 Calanthe sylvatica (Thouars) Lindl. var. sylvatica
 Centrosis sylvatica Thouars (1822)
 Bletia sylvatica (Thouars) Bojer
Synonyme(s) hétérotypique(s)
=Calanthe sylvatica var. natalensis Rchb. f.
=Alismorkis natalensis (Rchb. f.) Kuntze
=Calanthe natalensis (Rchb. f.) Rchb. f. (1856)
=Calanthe corymbosa Lindl. (1862)
=Calanthe neglecta Schltr. (1915)
=Calanthe sanderiana Rolfe (1892)
=Calanthe schliebenii Mansf. (1933)
=Calanthe stolzii Schltr. (1915)
=Calanthe volkensii Rolfe (1897)
=Calanthe delphinioides Kraenzl. (1893)
=Calanthe violacea Rolfe (1913)
=Centrosia auberti A. Rich. (1828)
=Alismorkis centrosis (Thouars) Steud.
=Alismorkis plantaginea (Thouars) Kuntze
=Alismorkis pleiochroma (Rchb. f.) Kuntze
=Centrosis plantaginea Thouars
=Centrosis corymbosa Thouars
=Calanthe delphiniodes Kraenzl.
Taxons infra-spécifiques
Calanthe sylvatica (Thouars) Lindl. var. sylvatica
Calanthe sylvatica var. geerinckiana Stévart (2000)
Ecologie et distribution
Afr. Trop.
Biologie : Terrestrial herb to c. 70 cm tall; rhizome stout; pseudobulbs obscure, hidden by leaf bases, partly above ground, conical, with 4-5 nodes, 2-5x1,5 cm; roots fleshy; leaves evergreen in a basal tuft, long-petiolate (10-20 cm), dilated at base; blade elliptic, erect, 15-35x4-13 cm, ribbed, dark green; inflorescences erect, 50-60 cm tall, slightly pubescent, densely many-flowered; flowers variable in size, purple or white, throat orange; bracts 22x7 mm; sepals oblong-lanceolate, acute, 20-35x9-12 mm; pedicel & ovary 25 mm long; petals elliptic, acute, 20-35x9-12 mm; lip 15-20 mm long, base 3-lobed, with 2 crests between the basal side lobes; mid-lobe obovate, 15-20x14-20 mm, apex notched with a small tooth in the sinus; spur S-shaped, slender, 20-40 mm long.
Ecologie : Forest, in deep shade; riverine and swampy forest; on boulders, rocks; 550-2750 m alt.
  Bioko/Fernando Poo, S. Tomé, Príncipe, Annobón (Velayos & al. in Phytotaxa 171: 23, 2014); SE S. Africa, Swaziland; Comoros, Mauritius, Madagascar, Réunion.
  Extremely variable in size of plant and flower and in shape of lip. Such variations are discussed by Cribb in Fl. Afr. E. Trop., Orchid. 2: 285, 1984. Var. geerinckiana Stévart, endemic in S. Tomé has oblong apical lobes of the orange lip; var. sylvatica has rounded lobes and a mauve lip.
Biol./Eco : Herb; Humid, Subhumid, Montane; Forest; 0-499 m, 500-999 m, 1000-1499 m, 1500-1999 m, 2000-2499 m; distribution: Africa. Comoros, Mascarenes,
  • Kipkoech S. & al. (2020). An annotated checklist of the vascular plants of Aberdare Ranges Forest, a part of Eastern Afromontane Biodiversity Hotspot PhytoKeys 149: 22
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