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Sansevieria pfisteri D. J. Richards
Famille : Dracaenaceae
Protologue : Sansevieria J. 19: 4 (2009)
Informations sur le genre : Sansevieria
Statut pour TA : accepté (présent)
Ecologie et distribution
Afr. Trop.
Biologie : Rhizomatous very robust herb with distichous to 4-15 leaves arranged symmetrically on each side, the outer leaves parallel to, or touching, the ground; leaves 58-64 cm long, very thick, rigid, smooth, faint green with faint paler green transverse bands, apex an obtuse sharp dry point; an open channel with acute, brownish edges 2 cm wide and 1,5 cm deep extends from base of each leaf on adaxial side tapering gradually to within around 13,5 cm of the tip; new growth from tip of rhizome as a single leaf; inflorescence spicate, 64 cm long, axis c. 8 mm Ø, emerging from top centre of the leaves; flowers 6-10 per cluster, clusters scattered irregularly up the peduncle; flowers 3,5 cm long, purplish brown at tip, dull yellow at the middle; tube 2-2,5 cm long, lobes c. 1 cm long, curved back; fruit orange (Sansevieria 23: p. 9 fig. 9, and p. 12 fig. 16, 2010).
Ecologie : In the open close to Adenium boehmianum, Commiphora africana, C. cuneneana; granite grit; Colophospermum mopane savanna with Cordia, Ximenia americana, Commiphora tenuipetiolata, C. mollis, Combretum oxystachya.
  Near S. pearsonii.
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