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Albuca virens (Ker Gawl.) J.C. Manning & Goldblatt subsp. virens
Famille : Hyacinthaceae
Informations sur le genre : Albuca
Statut pour TA : accepté (présent)
Synonyme(s) homotypique(s)
 Ornithogalum virens Ker Gawl. (1824)
 Albuca virens (Ker Gawl.) J.C. Manning & Goldblatt (2009)
 Tomoxis virens (Lindl.) Raf.
Synonyme(s) hétérotypique(s)
=Albuca angustibracteata De Wild. (1911)
=Stellarioides aciphylla (Baker) Speta
=Ornithogalum breviscapum F.M. Leight. (1945)
=Ornithogalum inconspicuum Baker (1896)
=Ornithogalum tenuifolium F. Delaroche subsp. tenuifolium
=Ornithogalum tenuifolium F. Delaroche (1811)
=Albuca longebracteata Engl. (1892)
=*Albuca parviflora Chiov. (1951)
=Ornithogalum ecklonii Schltdl.
=Ornithogalum pretoriense Baker (1901)
=Ornithogalum cepifolium Baker (1878)
=Ornithogalum ecklonii Fisch. & C.A. Mey.
=Urginea bakeri Chiov. (1911)
=*Urginea cepifolia auct. (1899)
=Urginea tayloriana Rendle (1895)
=Ornithogalum aciphyllum Baker (1874)
=Ornithogalum albovirens Baker (1878)
=Ornithogalum umgenense Baker (1901)
=Ornithogalum otavense K. Krause (1912)
=Ornithogalum subspicatum Baker (1898)
=*Ornithogalum chloranthum Baker (1875)
=Stellarioides bakeri Mart.-Azorín, M.B. Crespo & Juan (2011)
=Ornithogalum flavovirens Baker (1874)
=Urginea flavovirens (Baker) Weim. (1937)
=Ornithogalum galpinii Baker (1896)
=Ornithogalum saltmarshei Baker (1896)
=Ornithogalum longivaginatum N.E. Br. (1921)
=Stellarioides donaldsonii (Rendle) Speta
=Stellarioides ecklonii (Rendle) Speta
=Albuca donaldsonii Rendle (1896)
=Ornithogalum donaldsonii (Rendle) Greenway (1969)
=Battandiera donaldsonii (Rendle) Mart.-Azorín, M.B. Crespo & Juan (2011)
=Urginea somalensis Chiov. (1932)
=Ornithogalum acuminatum Baker
=Stellarioides acuminata Speta
=Stellarioides cepifolia (Baker) Speta
=Stellarioides flavovirens (Baker) Speta
=Stellarioides inconspicua (Baker) Speta
=Stellarioides longivaginata (N.E. Br.) Speta
=Stellarioides otavensis (K. Krause) Speta
=Stellarioides pretoriensis (Baker) Speta
=Stellarioides robusta (Stedje) Speta
=Stellarioides saltmarshei (Baker) Speta
=Stellarioides sordida (Baker) Speta
=Stellarioides subspicata (Baker) Speta
=Stellarioides tenuifolia (F. Delaroche) Speta
=Stellarioides umgenensis (Baker) Speta
=Stellarioides virens (Lindl.) Speta
=Stellarioides viriduliflora (Poelln.) Speta
=Albuca cepifolia (Baker) Welw. ex Rendle
Ecologie et distribution
Afr. Trop.
Biologie : Herb glabrous, 0,1-2 m tall; bulb globose to ovoid, 2-3 cm Ø, outer tunics thin and brownish grey, leaves usually c. 5 per flowering shoot, linear-acuminate, to 1,3 m x 2-8 mm, or many and filiform, broadly sheathing at base, erect; peduncle firm, slightly sinuate; pedicels erect, 2-15 mm long; flowers close together in 15-300-flowered subspicate racemes 1-3 per shoot, about as long as leaves or sometimes a few-flowered, subcorymbose raceme; tepals 5-12 mm long, with a broad green central band and white membranous sides; capsule ovoid-acute, deeply 3-lobed, 5-13 mm long (Icon.: Taxon 58: 85, 2009).
Ecologie : Bushland, woodland and edges of woodland; on black, sometimes rocky soil; sometimes in extensively grazed areas; grassland; sandy or clayish soils; frequently in areas that are wet or swampy during the rainy season; 0-3000 m alt.
  Very variable. U. & D. Müll.-Doblies (Feddes Repert. 107: 488, 1996) remark
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