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Stylochaeton tortispathus Bogner & Haigh
Famille : ARACEAE
Protologue : Fl. Zambes. 12(1): 16 19 (2012)
Informations sur le genre : Stylochaeton
Statut pour TA : accepté (présent)
Ecologie et distribution
Afr. Trop.
Biologie : Herb with slender horizontal rhizome 0,2 cm Ø, with slender roots from the nodes; leaf petiole 12-18 cm long, with purplish mottling at the shortly pubescent base; sheath to 3,5 cm long; blade broadly cordate, 12-16x10-17,5 cm, apex cuspidate, anterior lobe convex; posterior lobes 6-9 cm long, rounded, spreading downwards to outwards, separated by a broadly parabolic to spathulate sinus; inflorescence 1, appearing with the leaves; peduncle pubescent, 3,8-5 cm long; spathe 7-10 cm long, mottled reddish-purple outside; tube 3-5,5 cm long, swollen at base, followed by a strong constriction, swollen again above this; limb 3-4,5 cm long, strongly twisted when dried, apex subulate; spadix 5,2 cm long, male and female parts separated by a naked axis 1,9 cm long; female zone globose, 0,7 cm long; fruit unknown.
Ecologie : Miombo woodland in humid soil, locally common; 80 m alt.
  Close to S. bogneri, but differs in having a spathe with one constriction (not 2) and a long sterile zone between female and male flowers.
  Known only from the type collected in 2008.
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