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Agelanthus brunneus (Engl.) Balle & N. Hallé
Informations sur le genre : Agelanthus
Basionyme : Loranthus brunneus Engl.
Statut pour TA : accepté (présent)
Synonyme(s) homotypique(s)
 Loranthus brunneus Engl.
 Tapinanthus brunneus (Engl.) Danser
Synonyme(s) hétérotypique(s)
=Loranthus alboannulatus Engl. & K. Krause
=Tapinanthus alboannulatus (Engl. & K. Krause) Danser
=Loranthus brunneus f. butayei (De Wild.) Balle
=Loranthus brunneus var. butayei (De Wild.) Sprague
=Loranthus butayei De Wild. (1907)
=Loranthus durandii Engl.
=Loranthus brunneus f. durandii (Engl.) Balle
=Loranthus brunneus var. durandii (Engl.) Sprague
=Loranthus brunneus f. thonneri (Engl.) Balle
=Loranthus brunneus var. thonneri (Engl.) Sprague
=Loranthus thonneri Engl.
=Tapinanthus brunneus subsp. buchholzii (Engl.) Balle
=Loranthus buchholzii Engl.
=Tapinanthus loandensis (Engl. & K. Krause) Danser
=Loranthus loandensis Engl. & K. Krause
=Loranthus malangensis Engl. & K. Krause
=Tapinanthus sankuruensis (De Wild.) Danser
=Loranthus sankuruensis De Wild. (1914)
=Tapinanthus sphaericocompressus (De Wild.) Danser
=Loranthus sphaericocompressus De Wild.
=Loranthus variifolius De Wild.
=Tapinanthus variifolius (De Wild.) Danser
Ecologie et distribution
Afr. Trop.
Biologie : Erect or ascending shrub; stems c. 1 m long, glabrous, sometimes farinose around axils; branchlets angled; leaves alternate to opposite and ternate; corolla pink or sometimes greenish-white, with coloured bands near base of lobes; lobes short, erect.
Ecologie : Evergreen forest,swamp and riverine forests;farm bush;on a wide range of hosts; “growing in masses as if forming thickets on the branches of Leguminous and other trees” (Welwitsch,Angola);also on crop plants,such as avocado,cacao;Pycnanthus angolensis.
  1-1800 m alt. Can be confused with A. djurensis (with blunt, not acuminate leaves, and with base of mature flowers not obviously swollen).
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