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Stylochaeton puberulus N.E. Br.
Famille : ARACEAE
Protologue : Fl. Trop. Afr. [Oliver et al.] 8: 188 (1902)
Informations sur le genre : Stylochaeton
Statut pour TA : accepté (présent)
Ecologie et distribution
Afr. Trop.
Biologie : Rhizome ± vertical, 1-1,5 cm Ø, often with annular constrictions; cataphylls 6-13 cm long, with awl-like projection to 1,2 cm long; leaves 1-2; petiole 20-40 cm long, pubescent at base, sometimes with purplish or brown markings; sheath 5-11 cm long; blade broadly triangular in outline, cordate-sagittate (-hastate), 14-33x14-30 cm, pubescent beneath and densely so on veins, apex rounded to shortly acuminate; basal lobes separated by a shallowly parabolic or oblong-spathulate sinus; inflorescence appearing before leaves, semi-subterranean; spathe erect, 3-5,5 cm long, lower half below ground, cream-coloured; tube 2-3,5x0,8-1,1 cm, base ± inflated 0,8-1,4 cm Ø; limb thickened, 1-2,3x0,9-1,2 cm, opening by a narrow lateral slit, margins not revolute, apex with a thick sometimes twisted cusp; spadix 2,3-2,6 cm long, hidden within tube; berries white, globose, on a globose subterranean infrutescence c. 3,5 cm Ø.
Ecologie : Deciduous bushland; Brachystegia and mopane woodland and wooded grassland; termite mound; 10-1400 m alt.
  Leaves easily confused with those of S. milneanus but the inflorescences of the 2 taxa are distinct. Near S. crassispathus but pistillate flowers 12-15 spirally arranged (not 3-5 in a single whorl).
  S. cordifolius Engl. is perhaps a distinct species.
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