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Scleria melanomphala Kunth
Protologue : Enum. Pl. (Kunth) 2: 345 (1837) 
Informations sur le genre : Scleria
Statut pour MA : accepté (présent)
Statut pour SA : accepté (présent)
Statut pour TA : accepté (présent)
Synonyme(s) hétérotypique(s)
=Scleria centralis Cherm.
=Scleria longigluma Kük.
=Scleria macrantha Boeckeler (1879), non (1858)
=Scleria melanomphala var. macrantha (Boeckeler) C.B. Clarke
=Scleria melanomphala f. oculo-albo C.B. Clarke
Ecologie et distribution
Afr. Trop.
Biologie : Tussock-forming evergreen perennial herb, 0,6-2,4 m tall from a rhizome 4-6 mm Ø; culms to 1 cm Ø, glabrous, but angles minutely to strongly scabrid; lower leaf sheaths reddish with or without very short densely hairy blades; inflorescence of 1 terminal and 5-9 lateral often drooping lanceolate panicles 2-10 cm long, 1-3 cm wide, borne singly or 2-3 at nodes on pendulous peduncles exserted to 30 cm from sheaths; male spikelets 0,8-1,3 cm long, ± sessile; glumes straw-coloured with usually dark reddish-brown margins and green scabrid midrib; females similar with glumes 1-1,2 cm long, midrib hispidulous or hairy; nutlet white, shining, like alabaster, ovoid, c. 4-5x3 mm, smooth, glabrous.
Ecologie : On laterite near water holes; wet alluvium; in relict Syzygium evergreen riverine forest, in shade; bog in very thick grass and bushes; swamp or marshy grassland; river and lake edges; permanently wet swamps; ricefields; Raphia formations; fallow sides; sometimes in large floating formations; cataracts of streams; 100-1800 m alt.
  Variable species.
Afr. Austr.
Biol./Eco : perennial-Herb, Emergent hydrophyte, Helophyte, Cyperoid- Ht 0.6 - 1.8 m. Alt: 2 - 1040 m. Distribution: BOT, EC, KN, LP, MP, SWZ
Biol./Eco : Herb; Subhumid; Anthropic, Forest, Freshwater Wetland, Shrubland; 500-999 m, 1000-1499 m, 1500-1999 m; distribution: Africa.

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Bibliographie pour l'Afrique Australe :
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