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Disperis dicerochila Summerh.
Protologue : Hooker's Icon. Pl. 33: t. 3272 (1935)  
Informations sur le genre : Disperis
Statut pour TA : accepté (présent)
Ecologie et distribution
Afr. Trop.
Biologie : Terrestrial herb 5-26 cm tall, glabrous except densely hairy tuber, this ellipsoid, 1-3x0,5-1,2 cm; stem purplish; leaves 2, cauline, opposite, sessile, ovate, 1,5-5,5x1-4 cm, purplish beneath; inflorescence 1-3-flowered; flowers white and pink; bracts leaf-like, lanceolate, 10x7 mm; pedicel and ovary c. 12 mm long; dorsal sepal linear-lanceolate, 7-11 mm long, joined to petals to form an open boat-shaped hood; lateral sepals ovate-lanceolate, 7-10x4-8 mm, each with an obtuse sac 1,5-2 mm long; petals elliptic or B-shaped, 7-10x3,5-4 mm, lobed on free margin; lip 7-9 mm long, with long linear claw and a short reflexed limb at apex, blade lorate and pointing forwards, with 2 appendages at point of reflexion each with an upper elongate-papillate lobule and a lower shorter and recurved lobule.
Ecologie : In understorey with little undergrowth of rain-forest, evergreen forest, mist forest and gallery forest, in leaf litter and on mossy branches, in deep shade; on mossy rocks; plantations of pine, cypress and Eucalyptus; often forming colonies; 1650-2830 m alt.
  Resembling D. meirax but dorsal sepal larger; also resembling D. reichenbachiana but lip appendages different.

Bibliographie pour l'Afrique Australe :
  • Énum. Pl. Fleurs Afr. Trop. 4: 130 (1997).

Bibliographie autre :
  • KIPKOECH S. & AL. (2020). An annotated checklist of the vascular plants of Aberdare Ranges Forest, a part of Eastern Afromontane Biodiversity Hotspot PhytoKeys 149: 23 
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