Catalogue des types d'Hedwig

Johannes Hedwig’s 1801 publication, Species Muscorum Frondosorum (SMF), was designated as the starting point of moss names, except Sphagnaceae, during the International Botanical Congress in Brussels in 1910. The Hedwig herbarium collection, at the Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève, thus became an important repository of material critical for ensuring the correct application of nomenclature of mosses. Over 360 species were included in SMF and although most were from Europe and/or North America, some species were tropical in origin.

This catalogue is intended as a guide to the Hedwig type, or possible type, material in the Hedwig herbarium in G. This database permits research by basionym or by current use of the basionym.

This database includes:

  • details on the published protologue.
  • original label information.
  • an image of the herbarium specimens.
  • an indication of the current status of typification for each of the Hedwig moss names.
  • a page with the literature.

It is hoped that the information provided here, and through a published catalogue (in a volume of Boissiera n° 61, 2005), will facilitate the long-term conservation of this important bryophyte collection.