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Advanced research

Search guidelines

La The simple search function works in the same way as a regular search engine on the internet, providing results based on search queries. The engine searches in the bibliography of the work (author, date, title, source) and returns results. You can choose between the “contains all search terms” or “contains at least one search term” functions.

The advanced research allows you to search by certain criteria.
The window mode, used in the advanced search function, allows you to choose between the “AND” (commonly used by search engines) and “OR” function.

Other tools permitting users to refine their search include:
Quotation marks which can be used to search for a precise sequence of words. In other words, a search for “fauna living in caves” would only return results from publications containing this exact phrase.
The subtraction (-) sign can exclude certain chosen words from the search. For example: cave fauna – Jura would return all of the references containing the words cave and fauna but excluding Jura.
The asterisk (*) symbol, can be used to replace a word about which you are not sure. It tends to be used at the end of a string of words, but can also precede the search term in question.

The search engine does not differentiate between upper-case and lower-case letters, nor does it distinguish letters with accents.

Ordering photocopies

Original documentation is available for borrowing, but only within Switzerland.

If you wish to obtain photocopies of articles or other documentation please follow the steps described below:

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