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Carissa spinarum L.
Protologue : Mant. Pl. Altera 559 (1771); Symb. Bot. (Vahl) 1: 22 (1790) 
Information on the genus : Carissa
Status for MA : accepted (present)
Status for NA : accepted (present)
Status for SA : accepted (present)
Status for TA : accepted (present)
Synonym(s) Heterotypic
=Carissa africana A. DC. (1844)
=Jasminonerium africanum (A. DC.) Kuntze (1891)
=Carissa edulis var. comorensis Pichon (1949)
=Carissa comorensis (Pichon) Markgr. (1970)
=Carissa edulis var. septentrionalis Pichon (1949)
=Carissa septentrionalis (Pichon) Markgr. (1970)
=Carissa densiflora Baker (1883)
=Jasminonerium densiflorum (Baker) Kuntze (1891)
=Carissa edulis var. densiflora (Baker) Pichon (1949)
=Carissa edulis (Forssk.) Vahl var. edulis
=Carissa edulis (Forssk.) Vahl
=Antura edulis Forssk. (1775)
=Arduina edulis (Forssk.) Spreng. (1825)
=Jasminonerium edule (Forssk.) Kuntze (1891)
=Carandas edulis (Forssk.) Hiern (1898)
=Carissa madagascariensis Thouars ex Poir. (1811)
=Jasminonerium madagascariense (Thouars ex Poir.) Kuntze (1891)
=Carissa edulis subsp. madagascariensis (Thouars ex Poir.) Pichon (1949)
=Carissa edulis var. lucubea Pichon (1949)
=Carissa candolleana Jaub. & Spach (1850)
=Carissa cochinchinensis Pierre ex Pit. (1933)
=Carissa congesta Wight (1848)
=Carissa carandas var. congesta (Wight) Bedd. (1872)
=Carissa cornifolia Jaub. & Spach (1850)
=Carissa dulcis Schumach. & Thonn. (1827)
=Jasminonerium dulce (Schumach. & Thonn.) Kuntze (1891)
=Carissa tomentosa A. Rich. (1850)
=Jasminonerium tomentosum (A. Rich.) Kuntze (1891)
=Carissa edulis var. tomentosa (A. Rich.) Stapf (1902)
=Carissa edulis var. major Stapf
=Carissa edulis f. typica Pichon
=Carissa edulis f. pubescens (A. DC.) Pichon
=Carissa pubescens A. DC. (1844)
=Jasminonerium pubescens (A. DC.) Kuntze (1891)
=Carissa edulis f. continentalis
=Carissa pilosa Schinz (1888)
=Carissa richardiana Jaub. & Spach (1850)
=Antura hadiensis J.F. Gmel. (1791)
=Antura paucinervia A. DC.
=Azima pubescens Suess. (1953)
=Carissa edulis auct. non Vahl
=Antura Forssk. (1775)
=Carissa edulis subsp. continentalis Pichon (1949)
=Carissa yunnanensis Tsiang & P.T. Li (1973)
=Carissa obovata Markgr. (1970)
=Carissa oleoides Markgr. (1970)
=Arduina campenonii Drake (1896)
=Carissa campenonii (Drake) Palacký (1907)
=Carissa laxiflora Benth. (1868)
=Carissa suavissima Bedd. ex Hook. f. (1882)
=Carissa diffusa Roxb. (1820)
=Carissa sechellensis Baker (1877)
=Jasminonerium sechellense (Baker) Kuntze (1891)
=Carissa dalzellii Bedd.
=Carissa brownii F. Muell.
=Carissa axillaris Roxb. (1814)
=Carissa villosa Roxb.
=Carissa revoluta Scott-Elliot (1891)
=Carissa edulis var. revoluta (Scott-Elliot) Markgr. (1970)
=Carissa horrida Pichon (1949)
=Carissa edulis var. horrida (Pichon) Markgr. (1970)
=Cabucala brachyantha Pichon (1948)
=Carissa hirsuta Roth
=Carissa coriacea Wall.
=Carissa macrophylla Wall.
=Carissa xylopicron Thouars
=Carissa lanceolata R. Br. (1810)
=Carissa ovata R. Br. (1810)
=Carissa scabra R. Br. (1810)
=Carissa paucinervia A. DC. (1844)
=Carissa carandas var. paucinervia (A. DC.) Bedd. (1872)
=Damnacanthus esquirolii H. Lév. (1912)
=Carissa inermis Vahl (1794)
=Carissa abyssinica R. Br. (1816)
=Carissa carandas G. Lodd.
=Carissa edulis var. nummularis Pichon (1949)
=Carissa edulis f. nummularis (Pichon) Markgr. (1970)
=Carissa densiflora var. microphylla Danguy ex Lecomte (1922)
=Carissa edulis var. subtrinervia Pichon (1949)
=Carissa edulis var. ambungana Pichon (1949)
=Carissa edulis var. microphylla Pichon (1949)
=Carissa edulis f. revoluta --
Ecology and distribution
Biol./Eco : Shrub; Humid, Subhumid, Dry, Subarid; Thicket, Forest; 0-499 m, 500-999 m, 1000-1499 m, 1500-1999 m; distribution: Comoros, Mascarenes, Seychelles, Africa, Australasia/Pacific,

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