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Erythrina abyssinica Lam. ex DC.
Famille : FABACEAE
Protologue : Encycl. (Lamarck) 2: 392. (1786) 
Informations sur le genre : Erythrina
Statut pour SA : accepté (naturalisé/introduit)
Statut pour TA : accepté (indigène)
Synonyme(s) homotypique(s)
 Chirocalyx abyssinicus (Lam. ex DC.) Hochst. (1846)
Synonyme(s) hétérotypique(s)
=Erythrina huillensis Welw. ex Baker (1871)
=Erythrina mossambicensis Sim (1909)
=Carallodendron suberifera (Welw. ex Baker) Kuntze
=Erythrina abyssinica var. suberifera (Welw. ex Baker) Verdc.
=Erythrina suberifera Welw. ex Baker (1871)
=Erythrina warneckei Baker f.
=Erythrina bequaertii De Wild.
=Erythrina eggelingii Baker f.
=Erythrina kassneri Baker f.
=Erythrina pelligera Fenzl
=Erythrina platyphylla Baker f.
=Erythrina tomentosa R. Br. ex A. Rich.
=Chirocalyx tomentosus Hochst. (1846)
=Erythrina webberi Baker f. (1929) p.p.
=Erythrina comosa Hua (1898)
Ecologie et distribution
Afr. Trop.
Biologie : Shrub or tree 1-15(-24) m tall; trunk armed with woody bosses; bark corky; branches armed with spines 4-8 mm long and densely clothed with fine tomentum, with much branched, usually rounded, spreading crown.
  see more in the book
Ecologie : Open woodland with Brachystegia, Julbernardia: Acacia, Euphorbia associations; bushland; forest edges; rocky places; relic in cultivated ground; woodland; gravelly soils; open forests along river banks; sometimes very abundant.
  Can be grown as a "living fence" from truncheous.
  Forming hybrids with E. lysistemon.

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Bibliographie pour l'Afrique Australe :
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